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About us

May 1, 2017 in Switzerland, launched a new Russian-Swiss web project The idea of its creation was born six months before, on the Commemoration Day of Russian soldiers who died in the Alpine campaign.


Events such as Suvorov's days in Switzerland expand the boundaries of consciousness and make us think about true values. But, most importantly, they are moving to new victories. The indelible impression of the event prompted indifferent people to create a joint Russian-Swiss project to tell readers about joint events, ecology, interesting events. So the web project VLV-mag was born. 

Our project is focused on the problems of ecology highlighting, as the basis of all life on the planet. Its condition determines every sphere of human life - the health of future generations, the vector of economic development, the direction of scientific research ... We talk with celebrities, we are interested in the news of culture, science and economy, we understand the problems that are urgent for young people.


VLV-mag —  is a company of professionals united by a common idea.

VLV-mag is made for those who care about the future of next generations. Those are: a simple passers-by, and influential personalities, social organizations, pop stars - all who live not only today. With interesting topics we draw youth to our philosophy - the main driving force of society. Our idea is already supported by other green partners who have vast experience and knowledge in the eco-sphere. This is Greenpeace, WWF, All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, Green Patrol and others.

The mission of VLV-mag is to attract the public's attention to the acute environmental problems.

The portal values its reputation, therefore it presents only true, up-to-date and useful information to readers. If our point of view motivates at least one person to change attitudes towards nature, this is victory. While small victory, but it is from these small puzzles that in the future there will be a common, beautiful picture of a healthy planet Earth.