The territory of Russia is huge, and its natural wealth is truly fabulous. Careful attitude to it, protection and rational use in the interests of the people is an immutable law for the whole society. Aviapatrol follow it and encourage others to do so.

The organization's goal is to protect nature from thoughtless human activities and preserve its beauty in original form. “In the bustle of modern life, we hardly think about the world around us. But it is we who are responsible for the state in which out children will get it. Preserving nature and its wealth is our first priority,” says management of Aviapatrol.

The purpose of Aviapatrol is to protect nature

The purpose of Aviapatrol is to protect nature, photo WEB

The problem of environmental protection today is becoming one of the most acute for all mankind, and insufficient attention to it can lead to disastrous consequences. Employees of the Aviapatrol are developing a whole range of diverse measures aimed at protecting and rational use of natural resources, protecting nature from pollution and destruction, preserving and restoring the flora and fauna of Russia, as well as raising awareness of Russians about existing environmental problems.

Professionals - scientists, engineers, biologists, and, of course, pilots, who are united by the desire to preserve the country's natural potential for future generations, are engaged in realizing of set tasks. The company has 20 aircraft in its fleet - Cessna, Beechcraft and other, which have proven their effectiveness in solving tasks around the world.

The company has 20 aircraft in its fleet

The company has 20 aircraft in its fleet, photo © aviapatrol.ru

Small aviation today is the best tool for observing vast territories, collecting data about them and supporting the activities of environmental organizations. Its potential is huge, and the Aviapatrol strives to use it as widely as possible. The area of Russia is more than 17 million km2, and the company notes an increasing demand for its services from both private companies and state-owned ones.

So, today the volume of industrial waste is rapidly growing, and many of them are dangerous to nature and humans. The identification of places with unauthorized formation of landfills and environmental pollution through air patrolling is one of the main activities of the company.

Small aviation is the best tool for timely detection of fire sources

Small aviation is the best tool for timely detection of fire sources, photo WEB

Expeditions on small planes are also effective in detecting areas of illegal logging, preventing fires and detecting them in a timely manner. To monitor the forests, Aviapatrol uses visual observation, and in conditions of poor visibility it connects equipment that captures infrared radiation, registers a source of ignition and marks the contours of a spreading disaster.

The Aviapatrol also explores the natural areas to determine the number of animals and the direction of their migration routes. There are very few relevant, constantly updated sources of such information, and aerial photography is becoming the most accessible. The same applies to monitoring of sea surfaces, which is necessary for accounting for marine mammals. Small aircraft also help to protect the protected areas of spawning and wintering of fish in estuaries.

Air patrolling helps determine the number of animals and the direction of their migration

Air patrolling helps determine the number of animals and the direction of their migration, photo WEB

The company’s employees also provide invaluable assistance in collecting information about the height of the snow cover, the thickness of the ice and other parameters necessary to prevent and predict floods in specified areas. Aviapatrol not only collects data, but also processes and compiles them, independently makes forecasts and evaluates their reliability.

In its work, the company actively cooperates with research institutes, Roshydromet, the Ministry of Nature, environmental organizations and more. “We are united by the most important task - preservation of Russia's unique natural potential,” says Maxim Gorbachev, president of the company.

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