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Moscow Urban Forum 2019

The IX Moscow Urban Forum ended on July 7


WWF 25 years anniversary

A quarter of a century on guard of the ecology and richness of Russia's biodiversity


Is overpopulation of the planet a myth?

Experts say: the threat of overpopulation is greatly exaggerated


Storks online

WWF webcams recorded the birth of Far Eastern storks in the Amur basin


India banned trash imports

Towards a complete rejection of disposable plastic

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Find me

Interview with a unique actress, a talented artist, an interesting and mysterious Natalya Kosteneva


Actors can change the world

Interview with the beautiful and popular Serbian actress Milena Radulovic, who has the leading role in the film “Balkan Frontier”.


Success is a struggle with yourself!

Interview with a popular, talented, athletic and inspiring actor Cheslav Golovinets.


…It is my choice

Interview with Italian actor Marco Dinelli, known for his roles in the films "Billion", "The Devil Hunt", "Hotel Eleon", as well as in many foreign projects


... Everyone Can Help!

Interview with our long-time VLV-Amico - founder of the international fund GreenHope, Luca Cereghetti

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Tsarskoe Selo

Amazing facts about Tsarskoye Selo


Game of Thrones

Interesting facts about the show, which you did not know exactly


May Day 2019

International Workers' Day 2019


The Balkan Frontier

The premiere of the historical drama took place in the spring of 2019, the main actors were Anton Pampushny and Gosha Kutsenko


Matera invites

Events, that can't be missed in the new capital of European culture

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AndCapone - image of Black Star and not only ...

Interview with world-class top stylist Ando Stepanyan, better known as AndCapone


TuttoFood 2019 – not only about food

The biggest food exhibition, TuttoFood 2019, has ended in Milan


Milan is the capital of design

The world's largest exhibition of design and furniture Salone del Mobile 2019 was held in Milan, which filled not only the entire exhibition complex, but also the city


The wonderful world of nature

At the Royal Palace of Milan, from March 13, opened the exhibition "The Wonderful World of Nature"


Sustainability as a fashion trend

The largest exhibitions MICAM and MIPEL were held in Milan. The emphasis was on sustainable development and ecology.

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Cities for youth

Top-10 places on the planet to start a career, cultural development and entertainment


Is cybersport a profession?

e-Sports officially recognized as a profession in China


Underwater scooter Seabob

Diving goes to a new level


Let's clean the river online

Clean Chicago River with Trashbot from Urban Rivers right from home!


How to achieve success?

13 principles of the personality dawn from the Black Star

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Оптовая торговля электронными компонентами

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Ecology of nature as a part of life

Ecology is a vast concept. The first thing that comes to mind is the purity of nature, the balance of everything living and nonliving on the planet. Here we will classify the ecology of the house, health, thinking. And what are you?

Very Life Victory is a news magazine about life and ecology. Trends, events, opinions from the world of global politics related to wildlife and the environment can be found on the official website of

News about the environment and not only

The main task of the online magazine is to make the issue of the environmental situation in the world more social, to convey to every reader the idea of preserving the unity and purity of nature, to acquaint with the world news, events that occur side by side and to some extent influence us.

On the pages of the magazine you will learn how ecology became a part of fashion, politics and other spheres of life.

Very Life Victory is a general-purpose electronic journal, on the official website of which you can read articles on different topics online:

  • world news in the field of ecology,
  • events of world and national culture,
  • Lifestyle,
  • life of famous people, youth,
  • beauty and health,
  • gastronomic and family trips.

On the pages of VLV you can find interesting ideas for creativity, tips for caring for yourself and your home, learn about the new exciting minds of millions of people, technical innovations and much more.

Interesting for youth and adults

Fresh news of the ecology of the day is the main theme of the site, because this is our environment, the world in which we live. We just have to keep it for ourselves and the children! Here you will find out how old the World Wildlife Fund is, how clean the rain water is, what scientists and writers think about global warming.

There are interesting educational articles for students. The younger generation will be interested in how the careers and lives of famous people developed, women of different ages learn about home made masks made from natural ingredients. Fans of delicious and healthy food will see new products in a new light and get to know exotic ones. We will talk about their unusual properties.

Search the pages of the journal about the ecology of the most interesting articles written in an accessible language.

Become our partner

Is the planet's ecology part of the idea of your company or name? We invite you to cooperate with the portal Very Life Victory. We already have such well-known organizations as WWF and Greenpeace. Become a part of the team, create and read the latest environmental news from the world and Russia in the VLV.

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