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Tiger trail. Renewal

The Tiger Trail in Vladivostok shines like a new one

Olympic medals 2020

Awards for the Tokyo Olympics will be made from elements of old electronic gadgets


Small aviation stands for the protection of the environment and biodiversity of Russia


The big deal of little Greta

Greta Thunberg will sail across the Atlantic to continue the climate campaign in Americas


Run for Life with WWF

WWF launched a new campaign with Run For Life

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Character decides all!

Interview with a real, open, talented, purposeful, athletic and ever-developing actress Ekaterina Vladimirova!

Fashionable Eco Art Show 2019

Interview with Natalia Siassina, organizer of the Fashionable Eco Art Show, which not only held a show, but also cleaned Milan's Dome Square from garbage

Neutrino at the service of humanity

Conversation with Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of Neutrino Energy Group about the environment and the prospects for the development of a new form of energy

Special Attraction!

A great interview with talented, sincere and unique Italian actress, and film director Lana Vlady


Episodes of life

Interview with talented, charming and versatile actress Elizabeth Moryak

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The first round is over!

About the Swiss football TOP clubs results in the League

World Championships Artistic Gymnastics 2019

The 49th world championship in artistic gymnastics has ended in Stuttgart

Swiss Football clubs in the Europa League

“Basel” distributs, “Young Boys” swings, “Lugano” ... hopes for the best

SFL changes format

Swiss Super League awaits for changes

2019 World Badminton Championships

The 25th Badminton World Championship ended in Switzerland

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EICMA 2019

The latest motorcycles and long-awaited presentations at the main motor show in Milan

Yachts as a lifestyle

In the spirit of true freedom and incredible adventures


Revolution of Ferrari: SF90 Stradale

The new Ferrari coupe SF90 Stradale has become the most powerful in the lineup of models. And that is not all…


AndCapone - image of Black Star and not only ...

Interview with world-class top stylist Ando Stepanyan, better known as AndCapone


TuttoFood 2019 – not only about food

The biggest food exhibition, TuttoFood 2019, has ended in Milan

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I'm a teenager

How to survive the crisis of adolescence and not go crazy


Cities for youth

Top-10 places on the planet to start a career, cultural development and entertainment


Is cybersport a profession?

e-Sports officially recognized as a profession in China


Underwater scooter Seabob

Diving goes to a new level


Let's clean the river online

Clean Chicago River with Trashbot from Urban Rivers right from home!

Commercial Shipping Commercial Shipping Commercial Shipping

Commercial Shipping

Delivery of specialized construction equipment and materials

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Ecology of nature as a part of life

Ecology is a vast concept. The first thing that comes to mind is the purity of nature, the balance of everything living and nonliving on the planet. Here we will classify the ecology of the house, health, thinking. And what are you?

Very Life Victory is a news magazine about life and ecology. Trends, events, opinions from the world of global politics related to wildlife and the environment can be found on the official website of

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