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AndCapone. Not only TOPSTYLIST

New interview with Ando AndCapone, which is one of the recognized best European star stylists of our time, sincere, honest and real

New British Music Queen

Interview with L. E. A. - sincere, sensitive and very talented British singer, confidently rising to the musical TOPs.

«I can make myself invulnerable»

Interview with George Gorgiladze Guinness World Records record holder, member of the Russian Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International

New Year! — New Kris!

New Year's interview 2019-2020 at VLVmag with the magnificent and, beloved by millions, world TOP-performer Kristian Kostov!

Character decides all!

Interview with a real, open, talented, purposeful, athletic and ever-developing actress Ekaterina Vladimirova!

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Cipollino of the XXI century

New images for old heroes. The competition of illustrations for the fairy tale about the onion boy has begun

Yuri Annenkov. The revolution behind the door

The Museum of Russian Impressionism invites you to an exhibition of Yuri Annenkov

Gold Diggers. Now Originals and Exclusives

Amazon first introduced a series of Russian production in the category of Originals and Exclusives

Impressionism and Spanish Art

The exposition at the Museum of Russian Impressionism has collected more than 60 works from museums and private collections in Spain

Suvorov Days in Switzerland 2019

Switzerland paid tribute to Generalissimo Suvorov and his army with festive events

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Sport 2020

Sports results of the 2020 year. We recall the brightest events of the difficult 2020

European Figure Skating Championships 2020

10 out of 12 - Russian skaters defeated Europe in the European Figure Skating Championships 2020

Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

The Third Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020 ended in Lausanne, Switzerland

Figure skating. Grand Prix 2019/20

Figure Skating Grand Prix 2019/20 has ended in Turin

The first round is over!

About the Swiss football TOP clubs results in the League

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Panthère de Cartier

How a predatory cat became a symbol of one of the leading jewelry houses in the world

Imm cologne 2020

The main trends in furniture design dictated by the largest thematic exhibition in the world

Eco-friendly shoes are fashionable!

Most popular animal friendly shoe manufacturers

Revolutionary Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck: design and specifications of the most controversial electric car from Ilon Mask

EICMA 2019

The latest motorcycles and long-awaited presentations at the main motor show in Milan

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The Little Big Chronicles

How the most shocking St. Petersburg group Little Big came to success

Non c’è più — New Swiss Music

EK_T_ presented to the Swiss public the debut song in Italian “Non c’è più” - about immortal love


I'm a teenager

How to survive the crisis of adolescence and not go crazy


Cities for youth

Top-10 places on the planet to start a career, cultural development and entertainment


Is cybersport a profession?

e-Sports officially recognized as a profession in China

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