AndCapone. Not only TOPSTYLIST

AndCapone. Not only TOPSTYLIST

In a new interview for VLVmag, Ando told us about his successes, the embodiment of an old dream - the launch of his own line of professional AndCapone products, the history of creating his brand and logo, "academy 13", his creative place of power - a unique personal office, about trends, personal preferences in culture and much more!

Enjoy reading and get inspiration and experience from AndCapone!

- Ando, more than two years have passed since our first meeting. Tell us about your outstanding personal successes since 2018 ... How have these years been for you? What new have you discovered as a stylist and as a person?

- The past years have been intense in terms of work, a lot of meaningful things have happened just for me. First, I launched my own brand of professional hair cosmetics, which I use now in my activities. Secondly, I started teaching activities in order to transfer my experience and knowledge, which I got over many years of work.

- How and why did your creative professional pseudonym AndCapone appear?

- The pseudonym appeared a long time ago. About 18 years have passed since I took the pseudonym AndCapone. I was living in Holland and at the time just started my college education as a hairdresser in 2002. I used to wear a black raincoat and slicked hair, and that was how I went to school. And then everyone called me: “AndCapone, AndCapone”. So this pseudonym went from there.

Ando "AndCapone" Stepanyan is one of the leading stylists at "13" by Timati

Ando "AndCapone" Stepanyan is one of the leading stylists at "13" by Timati, photo © Sergey Bavin

- Tell us about your incredibly beautiful and memorable logo ... How did you get the idea to create your own logo? Why did you choose this design?

- The history of the logo also began in Holland. The wings are a kind of allusion to the "Flying Dutchman": I wanted to create something in a similar style that would resemble flight. Even then, I was thinking about creating my own brand, and in order to be remembered, you need a catchy logo that would immediately catch the eye. Together with the designers who understood and supported my idea, we created the logo that you can see now. The scissors symbolize the fact that we are always open and glad to each of our guests, and the crown is the confidence, which is indispensable in any business.

- Recently you started producing a line of cosmetics for men under your own brand. How did you come up with the idea of creating the AndCapone line?

- I always had a dream - to create my own product line for professional use. And when I started to work and have tried several brands, I realized that it is the time to turn a dream into reality, since each line has both its advantages and disadvantages. And so came the idea to create something that would meet all the requirements I stated.

- What products are currently available for purchase?

- Shaving gel (for both professional and home use) and hair wax are currently available in the line. In the future, I also want to create my own shampoos and hair conditioners, and also expand the range of styling products.

AndCapone's own product line

AndCapone's own product line, ptoho © andcapone

- Why and where should everyone buy AndCapone cosmetics?

- All products can be purchased in any of the "13" barbershops by Timati, as well as ordered on the salon's website. The main feature of, for example, shaving gel is that it allows you to achieve a close and soft shave. In addition, I cannot fail to note its pleasant invigorating citrus scent, as well as the dispenser that allows you to distribute the product economically.

- Trends for men's and women's haircuts for fall / winter 2020 are ...

- Among the trends for men, one can note the return of the fade haircut with a smooth transition, which has lost its relevance for several seasons. Korean performers who conquer the world with their tracks have an impact on the fashion world, so torn hairstyles with textures are at their peak this fall. Classic box-shaped and semi-box haircuts will also remain in trend.

But the girls have more options as always: here you can choose both the length of the maxi and bet on the mini. At its peak - a pixie haircut, which will emphasize the oval of the face and favorably highlight the cheekbones. It is worth remembering about the fringe: if you still could not decide "to cut or not", then this fall is the time.

- What are the trends in hairdressing for the next year?

- Most likely, it is clear that fashion is moving along the path of minimalism, hairdressing is no exception. True, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to an individual approach, when the master carefully listens to the client, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of his appearance, and only then decides to experiment. These two features - minimalism and individualism - will further determine the development of hairdressing.

Fade haircut is on trend again

Fade haircut is on trend again, photo © andcapone

- In your opinion, how important is it for a person to be in trend?

- In fact, it is very important. After all, we all do not stand still and are trying to develop, move forward, improve both our knowledge and skills, and ourselves. If you are in a trend, you clearly understand what is possible and what is not, you have a lot of self-confidence, you get a completely different impression. After all, we all know that сlothes make the man and this is really so. Look, study, try on yourself - this is the key to success.

- What is a "trend" in your personal understanding? Does being trendy always mean being stylish?

- I must say right away that everyone perceives and understands trends differently. For me, a trend is what helps you to be yourself, while keeping up with the time. I confess that it often happens that “being in trend” is not synonymous with “being stylish”. However, with a competent approach and careful study of trends, you can reach the state where the style will be based on trends.

- How long have you been working in your own office in the salon "13" by Timati?

- You might think that such offices as mine can be found at every barbershop. But it is not true. We have our own uniqueness and it lies in the atmosphere. Only here you feel at home and you can be sure that you will leave the salon not only with a perfect haircut, but also in a good mood.

AndCapone and МОТ

AndCapone and МОТ, photo © andcapone

- Who developed the design of your office? How many of your own ideas have you brought to life?

- I am entirely responsible for the entire design of the office. We could embody the idea of hidden televisions in the walls, as well as fit into the modern design pictures of the classics that look appropriate and in their place. I repeat that the interior design belongs only to me, the specialists only helped to bring it to life.

- Tell us about the graffiti in your office ... Do you personally have any favorite wall graffiti?

- In general, I really love graffiti, that's why I decided to decorate my office with such drawings. One of the most beloved is the inscription: "Armenia", made in Dutch. I value such things very much, since one inscription combines immediately a reminder of my home - one where I was born, and the second - where I grew up and where my training took place.

- How did you come up with the idea to decorate your office with stylish paintings? What is the reason for the frequent changes of paintings?

- The idea to decorate the office with paintings appeared spontaneously: I was presented with a painting, and I decided to simply leave it in the salon. Since then, the tradition has gone to decorate my workplace with such objects of art. Now in the office you can find both gifts from clients and those that I chose myself and brought to my workplace. Sometimes I get tired of the monotony, so I change my "exposure" to something else. However, one thing remains unchanged: those pictures that were presented to me by the guests always remain in the office as a reminder of their special attitude towards me. The pictures that I buy myself, I change.

Ando AndCapone and Kostya Skorokhodov

Ando AndCapone and Kostya Skorokhodov, photo © andcapone

- Can we say that your office is a creative place of power?

- Undoubtedly, my office is my creative place of power, which inspires me to be creative every day. It is there that I have ideas for new works, and there I implement them. And every client who visits my office energizes not only me, but also leaves a part of himself in the space of the workshop, which becomes for me the key to my further development.

- What is the main of your own unique style of work and creativity?

- It is difficult to talk about myself, but my uniqueness is in my freedom. I am sensitive to the needs of each client and to the result of my work. Therefore, I am not afraid to make a mistake and I firmly know that my guests will be satisfied. I am not afraid to try and create and always try to be one step ahead to anticipate the results of my work.

- Ando, who do you trust to do your own hair?

- Let's put it this way: I trust my head to professionals. And who exactly - let it remain a secret.

Ando keeps the name of his hairdresser a secret

Ando keeps the name of his hairdresser a secret, photo © Sergey Bavin

- How long have you been conducting master classes at Academy 13? Over the entire period of your work, what is the approximate number of masters that you have trained?

- I have been teaching for about four years. Even before the opening of "Academy 13" I began to share my experience with other masters. I can’t say for sure how many masters have passed through me, who have become professionals . But I will note one thing: everyone I taught was satisfied and now they delight us with their creativity.

- Tell us about the teaching methods?

- In my work I use a technique called “Dutch style”, because how the masters work there and here is beyond comparison. In the work of Dutch barbers, you immediately feel freedom: there is no pressure, and there are no show-offs, which we can often observe here. In Holland, hairdressers do not adhere to a certain style: they can do whatever you ask them to do. Everybody is not thinking "how is right". There are the wishes of the clients, which the masters are guided by.

- Why would you advise novice stylists and barbers to visit your master class?

- Of course, I would advise a beginner to come to my master classes in order to feel what the difference is and how to devote himself to work - with full dedication, not relying on only one opinion.

AndCapone uses Dutch teaching methodology

AndCapone uses Dutch teaching methodology, photo © andcapone

- For you personally, your master classes are a way ...

- This is a way to understand your strengths and learn to listen and hear, first of all, to yourself.

- Your favorite genres, authors, works in music, literature and cinema are ... Share your most important recent creative discoveries ...

- Honestly, I can say that I am an omnivore. The main thing is that it should be done with high quality and soul. After all, when you do not invest in what you are doing, it is immediately visible and this affects the result. I can listen to any music, and I also prefer to work with it: this way a certain mood is immediately set.

But in films, I prefer action. So that the movie keeps me in suspense throughout its entire length, and also pleases me with its special effects and pictures. Yes, yes, without pictures in films, alas, no way.

About discoveries - the latest was Morgenstern, I was lucky to work with him in Sochi, I will tell you about it in the coming days in my Instagram.

AndCapone and Morgenstern

AndCapone and Morgenstern, photo © Sergey Bavin

- Do you follow the fashion and new collections of famous brands? Do you have any favorite designers? Tell us about your personal favorite styles and brands.

- Of course, I follow the fashion - it simply cannot be otherwise. I can say that I like everything that the Balmain fashion house does. Each time Louis Vuitton pleases with its collections: using different styles and mixing them together, the designer achieves a single unique mix. I also like the youth direction, so I would like to highlight Off-White, their catchy prints and work with silhouettes and proportions.

However, I still prefer to wear the classics: a shirt, trousers and a vest are my ideal companions for every day. Honestly, I am at a loss to answer about my favorite classic brand. Probably, it doesn't even exist ... Although, I can still single out everything that Hugo Boss does. Their pants fit me perfectly.

- Tell us about your creative dreams that you would like to realize in the near future ...

- The main dream is to develop my own brand, strengthening its position in the professional arena. I do not know how long it will take, but I will not stop, I will move only forward. And, of course, improve my skills and attract new clients.

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