Olga Greydds

Olga Greydds

Olga Graydds is a third-generation astrologer, an innovator in the astrological field, a teacher who successfully consults people, helps them change their lives for the better, build a strong family, achieve success at work and business, maintain and improve their health.

Olga is the winner and nominee of a number of prestigious awards, won the WOW Beauty Awards 2019, and was also awarded the Person of the Year 2021 award, winning the Best Author of a Unique Intellectual Invention - A Synthesis of Astrology and Numerology.

Olga Graydds

Olga Graydds, photo © Olga Graydds

The unique methodology of Olga Graydds is a complex of sacred knowledge obtained through the synthesis of astrology, numerology, author's generic methods and psychology, as well as the colossal experience of a consultant and mentor, accumulated by Olga for decades of practice, including at the international level.

The author's school of Olga Graydds is another project created by Olga. Her students receive special valuable knowledge of astrology, which they subsequently apply in practice, thus, thanks to the exclusive methodology taught by Olga, more and more people receive much-needed help in their lives.

Olga has a unique technique

Olga has a unique technique, photo © Olga Graydds

It is important to note that Olga Graydds is a regular author of articles in reputable media. In addition, she actively helps the young generation to decide on the choice of a profession and life path, she is always glad to cooperate with youth organizations and participate in professional growth events as a speaker and career consultant. Olga Graydds collaborates with well-known brands, including acting as an astrologer in joint projects with Mauboussin, Bosco di Ciliegi, Roberto Bravo and others.

Olga considers it her duty to society to share knowledge, thanks to which people can reveal their life potential and be the best version of themselves. Its global goal is to build an international astrological school and a center for helping people based on its unique methodology, and as a result, bringing astrology to a completely new qualitative level, allowing anyone to turn to an astrologer for help and be confident in the high quality of the result.

Olga Graydds develops an international astrological school

Olga Graydds develops an international astrological school, photo © Olga Graydds

In conclusion, and on the eve of the upcoming New Year of the Water Tiger, Olga tells the readers of VLVmag what changes should be expected in the coming year, what and how to meet it, and congratulates them on the upcoming holiday:

“Friends, the New Year 2022 of the Water Tiger is coming. I recommend meeting this holiday with your family or close friends, in a small company. It is better to celebrate the new year in clothes of the following colors: from sky blue to dark blue, all shades of blue, black is also suitable. Eliminate animal prints in clothing.

The year 2022 will be heavily influenced by the energies of the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. It is important to take into account that the sign of Taurus symbolizes your own money, savings, material values, and the sign of Scorpio - other people's and common, joint money, values and savings.

Most of all, the influence of these powerful signs will affect three significant areas of our life:

- will lead to changes in the value system. People will have the opportunity to look at their lives differently and change their values.

- in 2022, changes will certainly affect the movement of capital and the global financial system as a whole. The state will control the movement of finances more, many areas will come out of the shadows. The financial system will be even more technological, non-cash payments will become even more dominant over cash.

 - the influence of the Scorpio sign can be expressed in the liquidation of a number of companies. In addition, financial institutions, banks, customs, tax and insurance structures will be transformed and modernized.

Happy New Year 2022 to dear readers!

I wish you good health, the right path, in tune with your true desires.

Let the New Year 2022 be one of the most successful in everyone's life.

What awaits each zodiac sign in the coming year, read in my future publications.

Best regards, Olga Graydds”.

Ольга Грейдс  Ольга Грейдс

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