Horoscope to Chinese New Year 2022

Horoscope to Chinese New Year 2022

On February 1, 2022, the Chinese New Year will begin, which coincides with the new moon in the sign of Aquarius. The symbol of the year is the black water tiger, which carries the male Yang energy. The tiger is an active, bold, predatory animal that will support active and determined people throughout the year. The year will be bright and dynamic in all areas, changes will also affect the material part of our life, namely finances.

What the New Year 2022 is preparing for us and what to expect for each sign of the Zodiac in the areas of finance and career, you will learn by reading this financial horoscope from Olga Greydds.


From the very beginning, in January-February, the year can please you with material success, so immediately after the holidays, get to work. Take on challenging projects and take initiative. In addition, you will have the opportunity to increase your income throughout the summer and at the very end of the year - in December. So do not plan holidays for this time, it is better, on the contrary, to work hard.

From August to the end of October, your fuse may dry up, but this does not mean that luck will completely turn away from you - you just need to make a little more effort to resolve any issues. The main thing is not to give up. From June to November is a favorable period for self-development.

From mid-April until the end of the year, those who intend to engage in real estate should be more careful. For example, if you are going to sell or buy an apartment during this period, carefully double-check all documents.


This year will be favorable for you in terms of self-development. If you are in harmony with yourself, then it will be much easier for you to solve all other issues, no matter what they concern.

Pay close attention to finances and shopping. Be wary of all incoming offers in the first half of the year, especially the most tempting and pleasant ones. They may not be as profitable as they seem at first glance. In any transactions, do not lose your head and soberly weigh and double-check everything. With new major acquisitions, also be careful - this does not mean that you cannot make purchases at all, it means that you should approach them wisely and not buy anything on emotions. This period will last until mid-April, and then it will be possible to relax a bit.

March will be the most successful month for your career - try to work hard this month. Maybe not right away, but the results will please you.


Representatives of the most sociable sign of the zodiac should be more careful in making decisions. From January to March 2022, you can do something on emotions, which you will later regret, and this applies to all areas of your life. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hide from the world and generally sit around doing nothing - just approach your actions thoughtfully and balancedly, or better, additionally consult with someone else you trust. Already in mid-April, the risk of doing things will decrease, but there will be a danger of getting into an unpleasant situation with finances. To avoid this, do not fall for tempting offers, refuse various adventures and take expensive acquisitions seriously.

As far as your career itself is concerned, not finances, you are in for a very successful year. Now is not the time to relax at all - by pulling yourself together, you will be able to cope with all the tasks and take all the laurels for yourself. Whether you are looking to improve your workplace or grow your business, then in 2022 you will have the opportunity to achieve this. Your task for the year is not to sit idle, but to act decisively to achieve your goals.


This year promises to be favorable for the realization of your goals. Especially anything related to your career. A good time to learn or improve your skills. New knowledge will help you achieve your desired goals, and if you do not waste time, then you will reap the fruits of your labor this year.

From the end of April until the end of the year, there is an increased risk of succumbing to emotions and making mistakes that will then be difficult to correct. Do not be afraid - be more careful in all your affairs, and you can avoid this. Think over your every action and calculate its possible consequences in advance, be skeptical about tempting offers and your own ideas. It's even better if you find someone you trust to discuss your thoughts with.

In material terms, August will please you the most - do not plan a vacation for this period so as not to miss the opportunity to increase your income.


Perhaps this year will not bring any major noticeable changes to the representatives of the Leo sign, but you can count on some improvements in terms of career. Therefore, you will have to work hard to achieve success, but this work will not be in vain. The most active month when you can become a leader in the workplace will be July. This could be your most productive month yet.

In general, the summer of 2022 is the most favorable time for you this year. In addition to the opportunity to succeed at work, you can learn something informative and useful. It’s good if you are learning something new or taking a course. Engage in self-education during this period, not only for success in your career or business, but also for personal development. For example, you can visit some exhibitions or museums - especially since you can do this at home using the Internet.

It is also worth paying attention to June and September - these two periods will be the most favorable for increasing income and making material profits. Do not sit idle during this time, and the reward will not be long in coming.


Virgos are not among those signs that cannot live without company, but in 2022 you should be in it more often and share your ideas with others. You should not try to master everything alone, sometimes teamwork brings unexpectedly pleasant results for all its members. In addition, comrades can help you notice and correct those shortcomings that you miss, which is why the whole project will only benefit in the end.

But, it is worth being vigilant, not all people can be unconditionally trusted. Until mid-April, you should be very careful about tempting offers from outside and be skeptical about incoming information. This does not mean that everyone around will begin to deceive you, but you may misinterpret something. Therefore, make any career decisions carefully.

Until mid-April, you should not take drastic steps in terms of changing jobs. The new location may be worse than the previous one.

As for finances, July and October will be especially successful in material terms for you this year. You may not become fabulously rich, but you can count on a nice bonus.


Unfortunately, 2022 will not be the best year for a typical Libra's career.

Firstly, most of the year will pass for you in a monotonous routine. Work may seem harder and more monotonous than usual, and others torment you with constant requests for help. This does not mean that 2022 will go badly - take other people's requests easier, and try to find some kind of non-standard approach to your work activity. Draw inspiration from other areas of life, then you will be able to cope with work issues.

Secondly, after April, the risk of breaking firewood and creating career-related problems increases. Resigning and changing jobs during this period is highly discouraged. Postpone this until next year. Think carefully about each incoming offer and each of your personal decisions. Sanity and calmness are your main assistants this year, listen to them. In extreme cases, it is better to consult with someone from friends or relatives.


This year will have time to please and disappoint you. From summer to the end of October, there can be a difficult period filled with monotonous routine and small tasks that will require a lot of your strength and energy. Don't worry, despite the hard work, you can handle them.

The rest of the year, on the contrary, can be considered very favorable. It will be filled with inspiration and vivid fantasies, with the help of which you will have the opportunity to unleash your creative potential. First of all, of course, those Scorpions benefit from this, whose activities are directly related to creativity - for example, designers, musicians, writers or artists.

But the rest will also be able to feel how an inspired state will help them cope with work issues more easily. Don't be afraid to be original in your work.

It is worth paying attention to the beginning of the year - until mid-April, refrain from loans and borrowings. If during this period you still need material support, it is better to first contact your friends, but also consider this decision well.

But the second half of August, the second half of November and the beginning of December will be able to please you in material terms.


Winter and spring 2022 are good for dealing with issues related to real estate or construction. If you were looking for premises for your business or, on the contrary, wanted to make money by selling square meters, you can find deals that suit you. This period will be favorable for those who wanted to buy a new apartment or make repairs there.

Summer will delight you with a surge of inspiration and high spirits - use this period in all areas of life: both for successful work and to achieve some personal goals. The period will be especially successful for those who are engaged in a creative profession.

From the beginning of the year until May, you need to be careful about the words of others and not make hasty decisions.

From the second half of April until the end of the year, refrain from loans - it will be especially difficult to give this money back.


Like last year, in 2022 you will continue to have favorable trends to improve your financial condition. Focus on earning and set specific goals that will help you increase your income. Of course, not all of your plans can come true in our unstable time, but it is better to have at least some kind of plan than not to have at all. But despite the fact that the year may please with material success, it is not worth spending a lot now. If you can save a little, you will significantly increase your income.

The first four months can seem tough on career matters. Try to relax more often and be distracted from work affairs by something pleasant. Otherwise, the desire to change jobs may take over, and at this time it is not recommended to do this. Wait until May and think it over again.

During the year you will have many new acquaintances and communication with interesting people. You will be able to make useful connections that will not only be pleasant, but also useful, for example, for your career or business. Therefore, do not move away from people, agree to meetings and acquaintances, especially since in our modern age it is not even always necessary to leave the house for this.


You got one of the most favorable forecasts for 2022. Despite the unstable situation in the world and the country, you will have the opportunity, and more than one, to increase your own income and achieve material success. You just have to put in more effort and work hard, but the result will please you. And the most profitable time will be April and May.

From the second half of April until the end of the year, there may be some difficulties in your work. The main thing is not to retreat in the face of difficulties - it is in your power to overcome any obstacles and successfully solve problems. Just remember that you need to approach them calmly, without emotions and unnecessary nerves. If you still feel that you are not coping, take a little vacation and get some rest. And then with new forces again in battle.

Summer 2022 will be productive for those who develop their business or hobby on the Internet. Advertising, creating a website, promoting a brand, maintaining social networks - everything that is aimed at such activities will work out for you.


This year, the most beneficent planet in our solar system - Jupiter is finally walking around your zodiac sign again. And this means that a very pleasant time awaits all Pisces. Success extends not only to work issues, but in principle to all areas of your life, you can also count on luck in your career or finances. Get ready to pull yourself together and from the very beginning of the year to work actively and take advantage of the opportunities that life gives you.

The only thing worth paying attention to is real estate issues. If suddenly you were going to do them, whether for yourself personally or for work, then it is better to postpone it until mid-April. If there is no opportunity to postpone, then at least read all the documents as carefully as possible and double-check their terms of the transaction several times - the risk of making a mistake in this area is increased.

As for finances, the most financially successful time will be May and June. Although the rest of the year can bring pleasant dividends.

Best regards, Olga Graydds.

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