4th anniversary!

4th anniversary!

Today, on 1st of May 2021, the information portal VLV-mag celebrates its 4th birthday. During this time, our online magazine has presented hundreds of news, interviews and a variety of reviews that we create with the sole purpose of giving readers a positive and inspiring change for the better. And this is a small, but still a victory. A victory that says that our mission is important and that our business is interesting to people.

Very Life Victory in an era of change and lockdowns

The world is constantly changing, and it is happening at an alarming rate. Last year showed how a familiar way of life can be changed in an instant by a stranger on the other side of the world. In such a world, everyone wants to get more positive emotions, and our portal every day, for four years in a row, gives you this opportunity. About ecology, economy, culture, sports and more - on the pages of VLV-mag there is always only good news that helps to believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday!

VLVmag gives only positive emotions

VLVmag gives only positive emotions, photo WEB

We went together through a lockdown, and that says a lot. During this difficult period, people began to relate differently to what previously seemed secondary - to the state of the environment, to the purity of the air, to the quality of food and, ultimately, to their own health. In just a year, natural food, sustainable lifestyles, sports, healthy lifestyle and cultural development have taken on special significance, and we hope that the inspirational articles of VLV-mag have played a part in this.

Following the course that was taken in 2017, our magazine covered environmental and economic news, talked about sports and cultural events, published interviews with stars and followed the main fashion trends ... In general, to be always aware of the main events and honestly presented them to my readers.

Thanks to everyone!

On a birthday, it is customary to sum up the results, and we, perhaps, will also not deviate from traditions. After all, we really have something to be proud of! Over the past year, the site traffic has doubled, and in some months, it was even three times higher than in the previous period. Conversions from recommendation systems have grown 12 times, but more importantly, direct traffic has grown three times, which means that people already know our portal and visit it directly. We have also become more recognizable on social networks, and now there are also 1.5 times more conversions from them.

Comparison of attendance 2020-2021 (left) and Traffic Sources 2020-2021. (on right)

Comparison of attendance 2020-2021 (left) and Traffic Sources 2020-2021. (on right)

Today we sincerely want to thank everyone who supported our project. And first of all, this concerns, of course, our readers - without you there would be no us either. The magazine's audience is constantly growing, and over the year its geography has expanded 1.5 times! Now we are read by residents of the UAE, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, New Zealand and many other countries, and the average age of readers has increased to 25-35 years.

Geography of VLVmag readers

Geography of VLVmag readers 

And, of course, we are grateful to our partners. Today there are already more than 20 of them, and every year there are more and more. Advertising platforms on our website have a high conversion and lead to our partners not only new clients, but also lucrative contracts. Therefore, we are infinitely grateful for the trust placed in our project, and, striving to justify it, we promise to develop, change and look for new opportunities for advancement in accordance with the requirements of the modern world.

We became better

In honor of our holiday, we made a rebranding, completely updated the design of the portal and began to design articles in a new way, so that your stay on the portal was even more interesting and comfortable. Yes, we follow the trends, but our mission remains unchanged - we continue to bring positive to our readers!

Our new logo of vlv-mag.com

vlv-mag.com new logo

The fourth birthday is, of course, not an anniversary, but in our fast time it is already an achievement. We have grown older, which means that we have become wiser, and besides, more experienced, stronger and more confident. And now, with even greater enthusiasm, we will continue our work, so that both we and you have a Very Life Victory!

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