Imm cologne 2020

Imm cologne 2020

Cologne (Germany) again hosted the international exhibition of designer furniture imm cologne 2020 in January. More than a thousand exhibits from 50 countries and about 150 thousand visitors - the exposition again proved to be one of the largest and most significant in the world. The work of young designers, options for modern interiors, furniture for any room, wooden objects, textiles, accessories, mattresses ... This year, as always, here you could find everything that the soul wants.

What will be the design of residential premises in the future? Where lead new trends in shapes, colors and materials? The answers to these and many other questions have been provided by imm cologne for more than 70 years - here the leading experts from around the world present and discuss the main trends of the industry.

Imm cologne 2020

Imm cologne 2020, photo ©

Among all the design exhibitions of the world, only Cologne presents a complete overview of the entire European market. Stay on top of the latest trends - find out what ideas prevailed at imm cologne!

One of the main trends of the exhibition was compact furniture for small and even very modest spaces. Not embarrassed by their size, the expositions stated that the time of huge rooms is running out, the mainstream is a reasonable quadrature and a dense arrangement of objects.

The main trend has become compact furniture for small spaces

The main trend has become compact furniture for small spaces, photo © immcologne

“Less is better,” - this seems to be the motto of many modern designers who urge to limit with only the most necessary items, effectively use the space and introduce light forms. In the trend are transformer items, a bedroom "on the mezzanine" and at the same time - maximum comfort.

Comfort, by the way, is another trend of the year. Everything is subordinated to him, from the texture of materials to communications. Furniture becomes more compact, always visually attractive, creating an atmosphere of comfort. Designers pay special attention to ergonomics - folding tables, cantilever elements and multifunctional objects serve to ensure order and freedom in small rooms.

Комфорту подчинено всё, от текстуры материалов до коммуникаций

Everything is subordinated to comfort, from the texture of materials to communications, фото © immcologne

Intelligent applications are also used to create a comfortable environment - smart systems occupy strong positions in ordinary houses and apartments, becoming publicly accessible and even necessary. Sofas that remember the position of the owner’s body, bedside tables with built-in telephone “charges”, beds with “smart” mattresses ... Intelligent technologies definitely won't leave modern designs, but, on the contrary, will become indispensable and familiar elements of the interior.

At the same time, the international furniture exhibitions imm cologne every year reflect the craving of European designers for nature, sustainable and rustic style. Furniture is now priced in terms of climate neutrality and should be “green” for environmental reasons.

Furniture from natural materials is trandy

Furniture from natural materials is trandy, photo © immcologne

Natural materials, traditional simple design and durability are the main criteria in choosing new interior elements. Wittmann's furniture shows the highest class in this respect - it can be inherited! Longevity is determined by quality and style, which does not correspond to every minute fashion, but to what is commonly called timeless design.

And along with this, decor items are of particular importance. In contrast to the recent fashion for minimalism and hi-tech, today many original objects appear in the interiors, and each of them has its own space. They appear in ledges and wall niches, simply on the floor or, like a true work of art, behind glass and with lighting.

Furniture collection of the Austrian brand Wittmann

Furniture collection of the Austrian brand Wittmann, photo ©

In this light, designers suggest abandoning the design of the premises with objects from one collection - variety is in fashion. The sideboard becomes the most sought-after element of furniture - a colorful character by itself, it also represents a platform for demonstrating other objects.

It is not surprising that the thirst for change has affected the color scheme of the interior. Monochrome, judging by the latest international furniture exhibition imm cologne 2020, is also a thing of the past, giving way to patterns and bright colors. At the same time, conservative designers move smoothly to the new - they leave the base dark palette and dilute it with bright accents.

Monochrome gave way to bright colors

Monochrome gave way to bright colors, photo © montanafurniture

At the peak of fashion is brown. With its help, you can create a cozy home atmosphere, and avant-garde designs, and individuality is easily communicated by other colors - from orange to turquoise.

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