Figure skating. Grand Prix 2019/20

Figure skating. Grand Prix 2019/20

The final of the Grand Prix 2019 figure skating ended in Italian Turin on Saturday, December 7. And we can say with confidence that the world will not forget these performances at the Palavela ice arena. The main theme of the finale was the fantastic success of the Russians in women's single skating, which with their impeccable axel and toe loop jumps eclipsed all other falls and records.

The figure skating Grand Prix is held every year, and unlike other competitions of the International Skating Union, it gathers participants under its wing based on their individual ratings, and not on a national basis. Therefore, in the six stages of the competition, one after the other in different cities, participate representatives of the true figure skating elite, and the finals, thus, get the best of the best, undisputed champions who honestly confirmed their skills in a series of difficult competitions.

The best figure skating athletes participate in the Grand Prix

The best figure skating athletes participate in the Grand Prix, photo WEB

This time, from October 18 to December 7, athletes, as always for the past 12 years, competed in four categories: single skating (male and female), as well as pair skating and ice dancing. According to the results of three competitive days, the Russians inhumanly took six bronze, three silver and three gold medals, becoming the first in the overall standings. The second step of the podium was taken by American skaters, and the third was shared by athletes from Japan and China.

Of course, the most discussed event of the past Grand Prix was the women's pedestal, fully occupied by the students of Tutberidze. A new record of 247.6 points and a gold medal belong to Alena Kostornaya, silver to Anna Shcherbakova, and Alexander Trusova won the bronze.

(from left to right) Anna Shcherbakova (silver), Alena Kostornaya (gold) and Alexandra Trusova (bronze)

(from left to right) Anna Shcherbakova (silver), Alena Kostornaya (gold) and Alexandra Trusova (bronze), photo WEB

The phenomenal Russian skaters didn’t even let anyone close to the battle for medals, that's why at the award ceremony, millions of fans listened to the Russian anthem, watched the flutter of three identical flags and admired the greatness of Russian figure skating. And exactly how the medals were allocated, the majority of fans are indifferent - the star trio is perceived today as one.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Alexandra Trusova, although she was on the lowest step of the podium, but the first in the history of women's single skating purely performed the quadruple flip. The Olympic champion Alina Zagitova failed in the Grand Prix finals - having shown a spectacular cascade of mistakes, she took last place ... However, this does not negate the fact that her program was magnificent and, perhaps, the most holistic and interesting of presented.

Alexandra Trusova cleanly performed a quadruple flip

Alexandra Trusova cleanly performed a quadruple flip, photo ©

Five quads - the record in men's single skating was shown by two-time world champion American Nathan Chen. The athlete obeyed salchow, toe loop, lutz jumps and two complex jump combinations. As a result, two new world records: 224.9 points for a free skating and 335.3 in total. Previous records set in March at the Saitama World Championships also belong to Chen. The silver Grand Prix went to the two-time Olympic champion, Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu, and bronze to the Frenchman Kevin Aymoz. Alexander Samarin took fourth place.

In ice dancing and in pairs, the Russians could not distinguish themselves. Free dance for gold 136 points was performed by the French duet Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriela Papadakis. Over the past five years, the couple took the gold of the World Cup four times, last year won the silver of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, and also set records in rhythm dance, free dance and the total points. The second and third places went to American couples, and the Russians Ivan Bukin and Alexandra Stepanova did not reach the bronze step only four points.

Nathan Chen set 2 new world records

Nathan Chen set 2 new world records, photo ©

In pair skating, our skaters have the same situation, but Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov still had a total of 203 points for bronze. The victory was taken home by a couple from China - Han Cong and Sui Wenjing. A silver medal also went there - Jin Yang and Peng Cheng were only one point ahead of the Russians.

The Grand Prix has ended, but there is no time for the Russian skaters to relax. Now new challenges await them - the championships of Russia, Europe and the world ... However, after unforgettable performances in Turin, there is no doubt that our athletes are ready to surprise fans again and again and again!

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