«I can make myself invulnerable»

«I can make myself invulnerable»

In 2018, the organizers of the sports and healthy lifestyle festival SN PRO EXPO FORUM received a request to hold an event to set a Guinness world record. The young man assured that on the day of the event he will be able to stand on a вoard with nails more than 12 hours, right in front of the public. You could decide right away that this is not possible, and the world record will not work, if not for one «but» - he's already done it. Even for the organizers of the most massive multi-sport festival in Russia this was a big surprise.

Georgy Gorgiladze is an ordinary person with unusual abilities. On November 10, 2018, he entered the Guinness World Records after longest duration standing on nails for 12 hours and 8 minutes continuously without food or toilet. We talked with a member of the Russian Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International, a record holder of Russia and the world, Georgy Gorgiladze, and learned all about his unique abilities.

George Gorgiladze at RIA Radio

George Gorgiladze at RIA Radio, photo © ria.ru

– Georgy, it seems that you have known about your abilities since childhood and developed them. And in fact, how and when did your introduction to yoga happen?

– The first step to yoga occurred when I was 7 years old. Morning, rain, I was walking to school, thinking about something on the way, and suddenly, in the middle of the way, I had something like a «flash» in my head and thought «Why am I in this body? In this particular body?». I stood where I was and tried to figure out how such a thought had come about, and the feeling that my mind had merged with the world around me, and the feeling of being inside my body, as if in a «spacesuit».

At that time, I was often ill, had 3 chronic diseases, and went to hospitals 1-2 times a year (only 13 times), drank a lot of drugs that already made me sick, and within 5 years I was released from physical education, because according to the recommendations of doctors I was prohibited from intensive physical activity.

Even then I realized that lying in hospitals does not give any result, no progress in treatment is not happening, and I began to look for other ways. I constantly visited libraries, collected a lot of books, and, surrounded by them, read for days on end. Also, in addition to books, I tried to find a specialist who would help me in treatment, and now, at the age of 12, when I was once again in the hospital, I met a doctor who offered me a new method of treatment - acupuncture and acupressure, exposure to special points on body that are associated with internal organs. I was very interested in this, I agreed and for 2 weeks in hospital every day I studied a new world for myself - Eastern medicine, and then yoga and qigong.

George's first step to yoga occurred at the age of 7

George's first step to yoga occurred at the age of 7, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– Was it easy for you to learn?

– The learning was easy, because, having a mathematical mindset and the ability to visualize in detail, I tried at all costs to find the shortest path to healing. I did it in 2 years - by performing various exercises, studying anatomy, physiology, meditating a lot, concentrating on certain organs and parts of the body, I also learned to feel the pulse at any point of the body and control the work of internal organs. In yoga I was interested not only in ways to influence the work of organs, but also the system of knowledge, its philosophy and rich history. After 2 years, at the age of 14, the doctors in the hospital could not find the chronic diseases that I had.

– When did you first start showing your skills?

– I didn't think about it, but probably the first time I had such an idea was when I was 14 years old, when I realized that I could make my body invulnerable: my skin may not cut, bend knives against my own body, accelerate regeneration and stop bleeding with one thought and concentration, and withstand various physical activities. And when I was 15 I wanted to show my skills at a school concert. Up to this point I was an inconspicuous nerd, so all the classmates and teachers were very surprised. Хотите посмотреть, как несколько парней и девушек придаются занятию сексом? Тогда наверняка вам подойдёт групповое порно видео https://групповуха.com/categories , здесь групповой секс любого вида и на любой вкус! Выбирайте из множества видеороликов и наслаждайтесь просмотром.

The first time George showed his skills to the public at age 15

The first time George showed his skills to the public at age 15, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– How did you get into the Mosfilm stunt team?

– Six months after the school performance, stuntmen from Mosfilm came to our school and during their performance, one of my classmates saw how excited I was looking at them and suggested: «Go to them, tell them about yourself, this is your only chance». So I decided. I ran home to get the tape on which my performance was recorded, gave it to the director of stuntmen and asked him to watch it.

A few days later I got a call and was offered to come to them. When I arrived the director of stuntmen greeted me with the words: «I watched a tape of your performance, an interesting video, but it's hard to believe it, show us again, live». And I showed it. The director replied to what he saw: «Wow, let's see what else you can do». He went into the storeroom and brought out a bag of broken glasses and a board with nails. I stood on the broken glasses, started walking on them and jumping.

Seeing this the director asked: «Сan you stand on the nails?». I thought it would not be very easy, but I decided to try it. First put one leg, then the other leg, exhaled, and continued to stand. The director raised his eyebrows in surprise and said: «You so easy to do it, do you feel any pain?». At this moment, everything inside me turned upside down, because my abilities evaluated by a professional. So, at the age of 16 and 17, I started going with them to various events and performing dangerous body tricks.

George on the program "I can!" in 2017

George on the program "I can!" in 2017, photo © 1tv.ru

– When was the first time you thought, «I can set a world record»?

– Once in training, I told the director of stuntmen that I would like to set a world record. And what he said stuck in my memory forever: «It's too early for you to think about it. If you want to set a world record, you need to perfect what you're doing now. Bring your abilities to such a level that if you do something difficult and incredible you can repeat it after 5 minutes».

I was not very happy with this answer, but it was the opinion of a professional, which by the way differed from the opinion of others who simply told me: «Well, where do you want the Guinness World Records?», «There are hundreds of yogins like you», «You have nothing to do», etc. In my life, I often met people with critical thinking about life and realized how terrible it is not to believe in yourself. Through all these health challenges and the desire to prove my worth, I came up with the idea of positive thinking and self-programming. Moreover, set a goal to set unusual records, revealing the hidden possibilities of the brain and body.

- Tell us more about your records?

– The first record was set in February 2007, at the age of 19, when I repeated Harry Houdini's release trick in a short time (148 seconds). Then there was still an official Association of Russian records, which registered my achievement.

The second record was set in 2011. After graduating from University and serving in the army, I applied to the Guinness World Records for the longest duration standing on a bed of nails. As a result, the answer came that this record and this category does not exist. I studied the history of the practice of using boards with nails by hermits, ascetics and fakirs, starting from ancient times, and realized that there is no information about longest standing on nails anywhere.

So, officially, in 2011 in Sokolniki Park in Moscow, I became the first person who was able to stand on a board with nails in one place without food and toilet for the longest time - 2 hours 5 minutes, in 2012 - 4 hours 19 minutes, in 2013 - 5 hours 20 minutes, in 2014 - 8 hours 3 minutes, in 2016 - 12 hours 5 minutes, in 2018 - 12 hours 8 minutes.

I also set records for the highest weight sustained lying between two points of support, in 2014 - 259.1 kg, in 2019 - 262.5 kg, and the record for the most knives bent on their own stomach press for 1 minute - 4 knifes.

In 2011, George Gorgiladze stood on the nails for 2 hours and 5 minutes

In 2011, George Gorgiladze stood on the nails for 2 hours and 5 minutes, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– That record of 2018 was officially registered by the Guinness World Records. Tell us about the preparation and the process of setting this record.

– The peculiarity of this record was that we together with the famous neurophysiologist of the country Vyacheslav Lebedev decided to additionally connect sensors to show the audience what happens to the brain and body from a biological point of view during a longest duration standing on nails.

In addition to the neurophysiologist, my brother Dmitry Gorgiladze was present in the team, who helped control the uninterrupted video recording for 12 hours and 8 minutes, and together with Vyacheslav Lebedev, Vyacheslav Efimov and Alexander Filippov, monitored my health, served water and encouraged me, as there were moments when I felt that I would fall a little more and lose consciousness.

Alexander Filippov was responsible for photo and video shooting, and Vyacheslav Efimov was responsible for my security, communication with the audience and VIPs. Everyone did their job perfectly, I felt a strong support and experience from my team, and I kept repeating to myself: «I have no right to give up, I can't let my team down, we spent so much energy».

Sensors were connected to George at SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2018

Sensors were connected to George at SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2018, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– What do you think about this record?

– This record was a difficult test both from a physical point of view and from a psychological point of view. On the physical side - you need to stand in one place, there is a large load on the spine, internal organs, brain, cardiovascular system, nervous system, lymphatic system, leg muscles, a constant feeling of pain, you need to control breathing and slow down the work of internal organs, because this procedure takes place without the possibility to go to the toilet or have to eat.

On the psychological side - it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on the process itself, to direct your attention inward rather than outward, to gradually sink into a state of meditation, and to work hard with your thoughts and emotions. There were times I was in tears, but no one could see it under my white mask.

– After that, the SN PRO EXPO FORUM organizers invited you to perform in 2019. What records were set at that time?

– In 2019 at SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2 records were set at highest weight sustained lying between two points of support - 262.5 kg and the most knives bent on my own stomach press for 1 minute - 4 knifes. They are now under consideration in the Guinness World Records.

At SN PRO EXPO 2019, George bent 4 steel knives on his press

At SN PRO EXPO 2019, George bent 4 steel knives on his press, фото © snpro-expo.com

– What was done for these records?

– For these records I put together a team that included producer, co-organizer of Synergy Global Forum Anna Malysheva, PR-project manager Ksenia Akhrimenya and well-known photographer Yuriy Yadrov.

These were very difficult records to perform, as I had to withstand the load not for a long time as before, but for a very short time. So, during the setting of the first record, I sustained weight of 262.5 kg only second time. After some time after this load I began to feel pain between my ribs, I could not lie on my left side and turn to the left.

In the emergency room, no fractures were detected, just a pinched intercostal nerve occurred, and the doctor after learning how this happened warned that such loads on the chest and spine cause a rupture of internal organs with a fatal outcome.

The second record is also life-threatening, but it is unique in that I am the only person in the world who is able to do this - bend a sharp steel knife on almost any part of my own body. As a result, for 1 minute I bend 4 knives on my stomach press. Unfortunately, it will take a very long time to describe in detail how I do this. But perhaps that time will come some day.

I want to thank the organizers and team SN PRO EXPO FORUM: Ekaterina Skachek, Irina Baburina, Elizaveta Rudkovskaya, host Givi Tvaltvadze, and everyone who helped.

It was possible to withstand a weight of 262.5 kg only at 2 time

It was possible to withstand a weight of 262.5 kg only at 2 time, photo © snpro-expo.com

– Preparing for setting a world record takes a very long time. Is it enough for something other than that?

- 80% of my time is devoted to the main place of work – In the Center for working with the population of the Central administrative District of Moscow, where adults and children are engaged in various creative and sports sections for free.

The remaining 15% of my time is allocated (in descending order) to: self-education (reading literature, studying foreign experience, research and history), conducting individual yogatherapy with those who wish, demonstrating their abilities at festival events, participating in city, national and international events as a guest, conducting their own trainings and meditations, writing articles, participating in TV as a guest, and maintaining social networks.

The last 5% is business meetings and informal communication with friends.

– Do you have a hobby? How do you spend your day?

– I like to watch documentaries or films based on real facts, read biographies of outstanding historical and modern personalities, sports news and health.

In General, my normal day starts at 8:00 am and ends around 1:00 am. Now I don't have my own family, so this is my daily routine, but things may change in the future.

– Well, do you allow yourself to be lazy?

– For me, laziness is when it is necessary, but I do not want to, so I do not have laziness as such. But if I feel that I need a simple rest and sleep - I rest while putting the phone aside so that it does not load my brain.

George is a tutor since 2011

George is a tutor since 2011, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– What exercises do you do? How often do you meditate?

– My exercises are divided into preventive ones during the day, when I can stretch, twist my spine, work out my breathing and diaphragm, and training, which I perform at night before going to bed on weekdays, and in the morning/afternoon on weekends on the street platform or in the park.

I practice meditation either at night before going to bed or early in the morning, and in the summer I can meditate in the forest or in the park, focusing not only on inner feelings and immersion, but also on the sounds of nature.

Georgy Gorgiladze is constantly self-developing

Georgy Gorgiladze is constantly self-developing, photo © gorgiladze.ru

– What is your next world record?

– There will be a short answer - I can't say yet. All ideas come intuitively and unconsciously. But it will definitely be something special, something that no one has ever done before.

– What are your plans for this year? What your dream?

– This year I participate in major international events: Global Kids Meditation, International conference of YogaJournal, and SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2020.

My task at these events is to help people discover their potential and bring or create something new in the life of society, because recently I often think about who the person of the future is, what he do, what he spend energy on, and how he maintain their health. I hope that 2020 will be special in this regard, and many amazing things will happen.

And my dream is simple - a family, a home closer to nature, and travel.


SN PRO Expo Forum 2020 will be held on November 13-15, 2020 on the territory of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center.

Address: 5 Luchevoy Prosek, 7k1, Moscow, 107014

Everyone will be able to personally meet Georgy Gorgiladze and ask questions.

Break in and recharge your batteries at the hottest sports event this autumn! #SNPRO #SNPRO2020 #SNPROEXPOFORUM

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