5 years anniversary!

5 years anniversary!

Today, on May 1, our friendly creative team is celebrating the fifth birthday of the VLVmag online magazine. In a world that is changing at the speed of light, five years is a serious date, which means we definitely have something to be proud of! We work hard every day to bring positive news to our readers, and time has shown that the chosen course turned out to be the right one. We accept congratulations! Happy birthday, VLVmag!

Very Life Victory

In May 2017, the first article was posted on this portal, and since then we have been writing new pages of the online magazine day by day, trying to fill it with exceptionally positive content. News of culture, ecology and sports, interviews with interesting people and media personalities, announcements of the latest films and upcoming events ... We keep our finger on the pulse of events taking place both in Russia and in the world, and for five years now we have been bringing our readers only truthful and useful information without political context and negative connotation.

VLVmag - to the world with positive!

VLVmag - to the world with positive! photo WEB

Our slogan is: “Very Life Victory!”, and we stick to it even in the most difficult times. We overcome external circumstances and internal barriers, overcome small difficulties and grand obstacles ... Every day we learn to be strong in order to move on, see the positive in everything and share it with our audience. We are five years old! And this means that our victories are worth something.

Thanks to partners

During its existence, the magazine has found a wide range of reliable partners, and over the past year, new, interesting people have joined our company. We sincerely welcome any cooperation, and are also grateful to everyone for their trust and for the opportunities provided for further development. We are constantly learning new things and expanding our horizons so that cooperation with the VLVmag portal is not only exciting, but also useful and beneficial for both parties.

We sincerely welcome any cooperation

We sincerely welcome any cooperation! photo WEB

In recent months, we have begun working with leading Russian film distribution and publishing houses, and therefore, in this difficult time, we have the opportunity to acquaint readers with the best novelties of Russian cinema and literature. We believe that good books remain the main source of wisdom today, and high-quality films broaden one's horizons and inspire real deeds.

And thanks to the readers!

We value our partners and hope that the next birthday will be celebrated in an even wider circle of like-minded people. But today we also want to say the warmest words of gratitude to our readers - without you, our holiday would be simply impossible. It is your interest that helps VLVmag grow and develop, spreading its networks farther and farther around the world. Over the past year, the geography of our subscribers has expanded significantly, and more and more people now access the portal directly, through bookmarks saved in the browser. It seems that we are on the right path, and we want to believe that you will continue to move along it with us.

Very Life Victory!

Very Life Victory!

Life does not stand still. We survived the lockdown and entered a new round of history, where we are witnessing events that will surely end up on the pages of textbooks not only in Russia, but also in all civilized countries. But we, as always, are positive! We know that the world is beautiful, and we want to convey this to everyone. Stay with us and invite your friends to our company, because life is determined by actions, actions begin with thoughts, and we do our best to always have Very Life Victory in your thoughts!

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