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Top-10 places on the planet to start a career, cultural development and entertainment

Cities for youth

Today, young people have plenty of opportunities to see the world, but everyone is looking for something different when traveling. Some go for entertainment, others - for acquaintance with a foreign culture, others want to get an education and find a prestigious job ... But many of them go abroad to find a place that is ideal in all respects and move there forever. So what are the best cities for young people, where they can build a bright future?

In such ratings, New York leads - “the city that never sleeps” is recognized as one of the most open in the world. It has become home to more than 800 nationalities, thanks to which one can get to know many cultures. New York is a technologically developed and financially sustainable metropolis, which provides excellent educational opportunities. In this place you can learn, retrain, improve skills and get a job with the prospect of growth.

New York has become home to more than 800 nationalities.

New York has become home to more than 800 nationalities, photo WEB

London is very attractive for young people, it is one of the world's centers of culture and trade. More than four dozen universities call those who want to get a prestigious education, and many pubs attract fans to “hang out”. In the capital of Great Britain there are several cultural monuments of world importance, and also, it is easy to open a startup here.

The City of Angels traditionally falls into the top ten. Los Angeles is the heart of California and a great place for adventurous young people. It is the center of giant companies, international trade and technology. Here is one of the best places for the realization of financial ambitions, because Los Angeles is the third largest economic center in the world.

London has the best education ground in the world.

London has the best education ground in the world, photo WEB

However, Helsinki is chosen not so often and in vain. The Finnish capital is positioning itself as a paradise for young people, where there is everything for a successful start of independent life. Climate, social policy, level of education and infrastructure really make this place very attractive for young people from all over the world.

Toronto has recently been recognized as the “youngest” metropolis. In addition, there is a low crime rate, low cost of living compared to the leaders of the rating, and the development of young people in the city is supported by many programs. This is a multicultural and stunningly beautiful place where it is not difficult to find work and even open your own business.

Youth development in Toronto is supported by a variety of programs.

Youth development in Toronto is supported by a variety of programs, photo WEB

South Korea also provides excellent opportunities for development. For example, Seoul is actively investing in the environment, and is included in the UNESCO list, as a city with a unique urban design. On average, the income of a local resident is equal to $ 40 thousand, for educated young people there are open tremendous development prospects.

Rome is annually visited by millions of tourists, but not by young entrepreneurs, more often young historians, art historians and just romantics come to live here. Rome is the richest cultural center of the world, but apart from the Vatican, the Colosseum, museums, fountains and stunning architecture, there is an incredibly active nightlife - a paradise for free youth!

Rome is paradise for free youth

Rome is paradise for free youth, photo WEB

Active and promising people should pay attention to Tokyo with its rich national culture. The Japanese capital has long become the leading economic hub of the world and is developing rapidly. This place is definitely not for pensioners, you need to live here while the energy is in full swing. Tripadvisor always includes it in the ranking of the most interesting on the planet.

One of the richest centers of Europe - Zurich. Living here is expensive, but the development prospects are impressive. Aesthetically attractive, atmospheric, progressive, it often leads the rankings of cities with the highest standard of living.

Tokyo is a city where you have to live in your prime, be full of energy

Tokyo is a city where you have to live in your prime, be full of energy, photo WEB

Closes the top ten beautiful Vienna. Everything is wonderful here - the economy and ecology are stably positive, history and culture are rich, restaurants and entertainment abound. Various conferences and seminars are held in the Austrian capital, and today this city is among the most advanced in the field of innovations.

It is not difficult to find a place where you can live in accordance with ambitions and desires. But it is important to remember that on any trip we take the heaviest luggage - ourselves. Be in harmony with yourself and stay happy wherever you are!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow