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I'm a teenager

I'm a teenager

All children grow up, and once a cute baby disappears, giving way to a prickly and impulsive teenager. This fact usually shocks parents, but much more - the most yesterday's child, and when the adolescent crisis sets in, he needs support more than ever.

Experiencing the difficulties of physical maturity, it is important to believe that this happens to everyone, and everyone once was “covered” by a pubertal crisis of adolescence. At 9–15 years old, all hormones are naughty about everyone, which is why teenagers get attracted to the opposite sex, change their mood and appearance. Such changes often cause conflicts in the family and generally affect all aspects of life. But there is no cure for this "disease", it just needs to be experienced, like the temperature of the flu.

During this period, a teenager needs support more than ever.

During this period, a teenager needs support more than ever, photo WEB

The manifestations and symptoms of the adolescent crisis are of the same type. Almost all teenagers around do not know how to communicate, how to relate to their appearance and how to manage emotions. These internal conflicts give rise to anger, depression, and experiments with style, but all this is normal. The main thing - do not panic, do not close in yourself and maintain good relations with relatives.

Adolescence is a period of crisis, when it is bad for everyone who lives next to the reflective teenager. However, he feels worse than others, because he is at the mercy of hormones, the surge of them simply “blows the roof off”. The teenage audience accounts for the largest number of suicides, HIV infections and the first experiences of alcohol use. And this is a rebellion, an unconscious attempt to say “I control life!”, “I make decisions!” or even worse - “pay attention to me ...”. Unfortunately, parents do not read between the lines, because the best way to communicate your desires is to have an open conversation.

Internal conflicts give rise to anger, depression and style experiments.

Internal conflicts give rise to anger, depression and style experiments, photo WEB

The ongoing changes are scary, but do not keep the feelings in you - it is better to talk to your parents. The cause of the adolescence's crisis often lies not in puberty as such, but in the absence of contact with the family. But parents experienced the same thing, and their advice can be useful. You should not look for answers to your questions in the Internet or company of peers - only parents or other adults who can be trusted will give reliable information.

In general, all adolescents are concerned about the same problems. One of the most acute - self-doubt, based on changes in appearance. Here, nature has not invented anything new over the centuries - the physiology of all is the same, and the processes taking place are natural. To become more confident, you should start with a thorough hygiene. Daily shower, use of deodorant, regular change of clothes will give a feeling of comfort and eliminate unpleasant odors.

One of the most acute problems of adolescence is self-doubt

One of the most acute problems of adolescence is self-doubt, photo WEB

Keep your body fit and level your posture by sports, dancing and yoga. In addition, such hobbies will take time, which could pass in the arguments about sorrows. By the way, the most urgent of them at this age is acne. To avoid this problem, both young men and girls need to monitor the purity of the skin. But to put everything on your face is not worth it - if there is a need for treatment, you should visit a doctor.

In psychology, the crisis of adolescence is defined as the struggle to expand rights. Indeed, growing up, all teenagers are trying to destroy the old framework. Let it concern anything, but not a day regimen. A full night's sleep is critically important at this age, because the body needs strength for growth, development and psychological formation. Therefore, it is important to plan walks, lessons, hobbies so that you go to bed on time - and let the whole world wait! Also at this age, it is time to pay attention to nutrition - fast food, chewing gum and buns, of course, are tasty, but affect the figure, so now you should understand the principles of a healthy diet.

Dance classes will help to keep the body in shape and align the posture

Dance classes will help to keep the body in shape and align the posture, photo  WEB

The peculiarities of the adolescent development crisis are individual, but it’s not easy to manage emotions. To subordinate them to your will, you should learn to slowly count to ten whenever there is a desire to “explode” or cry. The same technique is convenient to use when you need to make a decision, because now there are a lot of temptations around - the first cigarette, drink and kiss. So that you don’t have to regret it later, it’s better to count the sheep in your mind, and give the brain time to take control.

The factors provoking the adolescent crisis are numerous and cannot be prevented. And it is not necessary, because during this period a new Person is literally born. 

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow