Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020

The closing ceremony of the Third Winter Youth Olympic Games took place on January 22, in Lausanne. From January 10, for 13 days almost 2,000 young athletes from 79 participating countries have proved their right to be called champions. 81 sets of medals were played in a tense struggle - 29 of them were won by Russia, and for the first time Russia became the absolute champion of the competition.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games begins its history in 2012. It was first hosted by Austria, then by Norway, and this time Switzerland became the host country. Young athletes of 15–18 years old participate in the Games, and for them these competitions turn out to be the most important stage of a sports career, a springboard to the world of “adult” sports, as well as preparation for the complex psychological and physical stress of international competitions.

Opening ceremony in Lausanne

Opening ceremony in Lausanne, photo ©

This time the competition program of the Olympics included 16 disciplines, including: biathlon, curling, figure skating, skeleton, freestyle and many others. For the first time in the history of the Youth Games, medals in the ski mountaineering discipline were played. It is noteworthy that this year the competition in Lausanne also grabbed a piece of the French neighbor - biathletes, biathletes and ski jumpers fought for medals in Le Tuffe.

But the bobsledders, skeletonists and sledges were on the legendary track in St. Moritz, which has been operating for more than a hundred years and is the world's last natural ice track. The functions of the Olympic Village were taken over by the University of Lausanne campus, designed for 11,000 students. Interestingly, the campus building is heated without harming the environment through a system that runs on water from Lake Geneva. The lion's share of the electricity consumed by the building is also environmentally friendly - it is provided with 1,200 solar panels.

Le Tuffet

Le Tuffet, photo ©

However, now life in Lausanne will gradually go its way - the Olympics is over and gone into history. For the Russian team it was a victory story - 29 sets of medals! 10 of them are gold, 11 are silver and 8 are bronze. The second place was taken by the host country. Switzerland lost Russia in the number of silver medals - six against 11.

The outcome of the fight was unclear until the very evening of the last day, until the Russian hockey team met on the ice with the American. This battle was the last in a two-week race and ended with the absolute defeat of the US team - 4: 0 in favor of Russia. Gold won in this match determined the leading position of Russian team in the medal standings, moving Switzerland to second place.

Match Russia - USA

Match Russia - USA, photo ©

This time the biathlon became the Russian “Golden Vein” - this sport brought to the team three medals of the highest dignity. At the same time, Alena Mokhova, who played for Russia, was the only athlete who became the champion twice at the 2020 Olympics. In addition to her, the pleasant weight of gold medals was felt on their necks: biathlete Oleg Domichek, skeletonist Anastasia Tsygankova, skier Ilya Tregubov and jumper Anna Shpineva.

Also, the joy of victory in the ended Olympics was recognized by the team of sleigh riders and the already mentioned hockey team. But the most awards the Russians expectedly received in figure skating - eight sets. Two gold from them was brought to Russia by dancers D. Chirizano and I. Havornina, as well as Appolinaria Panfilova.

Russian team took 29 set of medals

Russian team took 29 set of medals, photo © olympic_russia

The last time, at the Olympics in 2016, the Russians also took the largest number of medals - 24 sets, but then the Americans won the victory. What happened to the US national team in Lausanne now is hard to explain, however, 11th place in the overall medal standings was hardly included in the plans of the champions of the previous Games. It is noteworthy that the most numerous in the Games were precisely the Russian and Swiss teams. The host country announced 112 athletes, and Russia 104.

“Undoubtedly, all athletes are great. They were one team, they worked smoothly and clearly, despite some communication difficulties: half the team ended up in St. Moritz, the other in Lausanne. I am sure this Olympics has become one of the most successful for us. We have reason to be proud,” said Stanislav Pozdnyakov, head of the Russian Olympic Committee. The next, already fourth, Games will be hosted by Korea in 2024.

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