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How Coca-Cola encourages recycling of PET bottles

Ticket in exchange for plastic 

Today, no one can say with absolute confidence how many years plastic will decompose. Tens, hundreds years or maybe longer? One thing is clear - the first PET bottle thrown into a landfill is probably still there. It is not in our power to correct the past, but Coca-Cola suggests building a future — environmentally and nature friendly.

The whole world is concerned about the "plastic" problem. Each country in its own way is trying to solve the problem of reducing PET waste - somewhere they encourage consumers to hand over plastic bottles for recycling, somewhere the responsibility for recycling lies with the manufacturer ... In some countries, the production and use of plastic is completely punishable by law.

Coca-Cola proposes to build a green future

Coca-Cola proposes to build a green future, photo WEB

But in the global sense, the problem is still depressing with its truly epic proportions. All countries of the world annually produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste, not more than a third, on average, is recycled. According to some estimates, if humanity does not change its attitude to plastic, in 2050 the fifth part of the planet will be covered with it.

Expressing its active environmental position, Coca-Cola calls for plastic waste to be recycled. Each year, the industrial giant delivers about 13 billion units of its products in plastic bottles to store shelves, but not more than half of them are returned for recycling. This is detrimental to the environment, and more - it is economically unprofitable, because the processing of plastic can make the production cheaper. Therefore, in order to stimulate the return of PET packaging to the production cycle, the company invited residents of the UK to take it to specialized reception centers.

Coca-Cola supplies about 13 billion units of its products.

Coca-Cola supplies about 13 billion units of its products, photo WEB

However, the world-famous producer of beverages has relied not on the consciousness of citizens, but on a more “lively” feeling - the love of discounts. Machines accepting plastic bottles for recycling have been supplied to the four largest shopping and entertainment centers Merlin. For the garbage device gives a voucher, allowing you to visit any attraction of the company at half price. The British will be able to use a pleasant bonus until mid-autumn, after which the parks will close for the winter.

John Woods (CEO of Coca-Cola in the UK) noted that people would be much more willing to donate plastic waste for recycling if they receive instant compensation for this. According to a survey conducted by the company, almost 2/3 of people would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

For trash the machine issues a voucher with a 50% discount on rides

For trash the machine issues a voucher with a 50% discount on rides, photo WEB

Of course, a joint action with Merlin is not the only Coca-Cola environmental initiative. The company, being the world's largest producer of beverages in PET bottles, seeks to reduce its impact on the ecology of the planet and encourages others to follow its lead. So, Coca-Cola promises to make its packaging fully recyclable by 2025, and by 2030 - to produce bottles that already consist of half recycled materials.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow