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RIF 2019

Sochi hosted the annual Russian Investment Forum 2019 - one of the most important events of the year in terms of the country's economic and social development.


Five equals... four?

Developed countries are thinking about switching to a four-day working week


JSC "KCHZ" celebrates its 40th anniversary

Kotlas chemical plant: keeping the best, we multiply the results


Denis Butsaev: we build plants in 9 months

Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government, told us about the investment opportunities in the Moscow region.


Forum in Verona: learn to trust

“The economy of trust and diplomacy of business from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean,” - under such a slogan was held the XI Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona on October 25 - 26


Conversation about everything

At the Russian Energy Week 2018, were talks about all kinds of energy. Of course, most of all were about gas


The Italian Five-Year Plan

At the annual forum The European House - Ambrosetti 2018 in Cernobbio (Italy), Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and key minister Matteo Salvini stated that they will withstand a full term in government. Denis Manturov and Arkady Dvorkovich also performed at the forum


Energy and mobility

The 11th International Festival of Energy (XI Festival dell'Energia) was held in Rome and Milan


Italy: without government, but with gas

Russia-Italy seminar "Italy-Russia. Despite the sanctions, to new cooperation" was held in Milan on May 16


Markets without secrets

International financial forum The European House - Ambrosetti was held in Italy, with European ministers.


Where to invest in 2018

Information on the main areas of investment in 2018


Russia - Italy: light optimism

Seminar "Russia-Italy: the art of innovation" was held in Milan 2018