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Interview with our long-time VLV-Amico - founder of the international fund GreenHope, Luca Cereghetti

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A year ago, we met Luca Cereghetti. Luca is one of the founders of the Swiss charity foundation - GreenHope. In our last interview, we talked about ideas, the story of the fund’s creation and the first GreenMatch.

And today, exactly one year after our acquaintance, Luca will tell us about the active life of the foundation, the great events that took place in 2018-2019, the new GreenMatch SFL and plans for the future ...

- Luca, what interesting things have happened in the life of the GreenHope Foundation since our first meeting with you?

- Last year we had many pleasant moments! For us, this was the best year since the creation of the GreenHope Foundation. We received many help from our supporters, including donations, and, most importantly, we attracted a record number of guests, about 1,000 people, to all of our events.

Mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori, supports GreenHope

Mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori, supports GreenHope, photo ©

- Tell us about the GreenHope team. How long has it been created? What makes it special? What qualities should a person have to become part of the GreenHope Foundation?

- GreenHope has existed since 2011, and over these 8 years, we are constantly developing. Today, the foundation is still a small project, but the number of our supporters is constantly increasing.

There is no clear definition of how a GreenHope fan should be. All kinds of people supports us: from the most athletic to those who don’t even want to hear about sports, from young to old. Nevertheless, it is obvious that those who are closer to the sport have more opportunities to be with us.

- In our last interview, you talked about a great event in 2019. Can you tell us about it now? Tell us about GreenHope day!

- GreenHope Day is a day of unlimited sports, which allows everyone to contribute to the Fund. On the website, anyone can register (registration cost 20 CHF), and then, on June 8 and 9, it will be necessary to do sports.

At the same time, it is absolutely unimportant what kind of sport and where you will be engaged, the main thing is to take part and sweat a little for the idea of GreenHope at the weekend.

We will be located on the square in Lugano, and if someone wants to visit us, of course, welcome!

GreenHope Day 2018

GreenHope Day 2018, photo ©

- On May 05, 2019, Greenmatch will take place within the SFL between FC Lugano and FC Lucerne. How long have you been working with football teams? What is your collaboration? What will be new at the match in Lugano? Why do you work with a team from Ticino?

- Lugano is our hometown. Here we were born and we are very happy to cooperate with the historical and sports place. For over a year now, we have excellent relations with FC Lugano.

Moreover, Greenmatch is probably the pinnacle of our cooperation. Players enter the field, leaving the classic black and white shirts in the dressing room and dress in green to highlight the team’s affection for our #sportsagainstcancer concept.

This is done not only for fans, but also for sick children and their families who will be in the stands of the Cornodeo stadium.

Then knitwear shirts will be put up for auction, and fans will be able to buy them.

Greenmatch 2018

Greenmatch 2018, photo ©

- What are your plans for GreenHope next year?

 - In the coming months we will be busy with many events. The highlight of this year begins between Christmas and New Year with the Spengler Cup in Davos, where we can again invite many families. On this occasion, we will also get to know a little bit of Russia, since among the participants will be the CHL team “Salavat Yulaev”. Now, we think and plan this event, which will be held for children and their families on ice and snow ... but we are already talking about 2020!

Ekaterina "EK_T_", Switzerland, Lugano 

Екатерина Тихонова Екатерина Тихонова


Greenhope Foundation website.

Greenhope Match will take place on June 5 at 4:00 pm in Lugano, you can buy tickets here.

You can register for the Greenhope Day here.