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13 principles of the personality dawn from the Black Star

How to achieve success?

Pavel Kuryanov, general director of Black Star, and Ilya Kusakin founded the project "Men of Act" and created the same channel on YouTube to grow a generation of professionals who know their business and strive for development.

One of the components of success is the ability to see your own minuses and fight them. But how to find them? Refer to the leadership! Assess which of the leaders allocate the scope of work, and ask for an audience. You need feedback, you need truth, if you want to live better and grow professionally.

Pavel Kuryanov and Timati at the master class

Pavel Kuryanov and Timati at the master class, photo WEB

The problem of the poor and unsettled is that they avoid the truth. Do not be afraid to hear about your minuses, because only in their understanding is the key to their correction. Who, if not the person who determines your value in the company, will give you the most complete picture of your shortcomings? Therefore, ask directly:

1. What should I change in my work so that you begin to trust me more responsible work? What can I do to become more in demand?

2. What do I do well and correctly? Why do you keep me in the workplace?

3. Could you help me identify my weaknesses and understand how to work with them, increasing professionalism?

Meeting "Men of Act" 2017

Meeting "Men of Act" 2017, photo ©

To make it easier for you to work on yourself and grow professionally, take on the "13 principles of the personality dawn" from Ilya Kusakin.

1. Definition of goals and intentions. It is extremely important to understand what you are striving for at the given stage.

2. Continuity of motion. Only daily effort give speed and breakthrough.

3. Deep meaningfulness. Till the age of 32, it is the ability to see the essence of things that becomes the determining factor of success in almost any profession.

4. Attention to detail. It is the totality of trifles that forms a grandiose success.

5. Understanding the cause-effect relationships. This is the essence of awareness of mistakes, actions and inactions.

It is the totality of trivialities that forms a grandiose success

It is the totality of trivialities that forms a grandiose success, photo WEB

6. Self-return. Try to give more than you get in return. Do it your credo, not only at work, but also in relationships with friends and relatives.

7. The chain "idea - plan - desire - business". It is easy to discuss the actions of others. And it is much more difficult to achieve definiteness, formulate goals, ways to achieve them and go through them. This really distinguishes successful people from mediocre

8. Maximum concentration. Only you choose - go slowly or concentrate your efforts. Every minute of our life only we determine its effectiveness. Only those who seek and stretch up will achieve results.

9. Self-sufficiency and independence from someone else's opinion. Do not be afraid to be ridiculed, condemned, criticized. It is through these difficulties that the path to respect and recognition lies. So it was with tattoos, hip-hop and even with the Black Star project. It is important to continue systematically move forward without regard to the attitude of society. And every step should be more confident and better.

Only you choose - go slowly or concentrate your efforts

Only you choose - go slowly or concentrate your efforts, photo WEB

10. Reputation. This is the basis of trust. And it needs to be formed as soon as possible. Do not take on projects that do not feel confident. And if you did, do the impossible to complete them.

11. Insolence. Respect yourself, develop and do not lisp. The quality of work is determined not by your friendliness or servility, but by the result.

12. Initiative. Do not be afraid to be an upstart to be noticed. But only if your initiative and the desire to be the first are supported by concrete actions. Otherwise, you will be seen as a daring windbag.

13. Focusing. Exclude people, events and tasks from your life that distract you from the main goal. Create the conditions in which you can concentrate, because only in this way you can achieve depth. Not to be superficial, probably one of the most important qualities of the Man of Act

Ekaterina "EK_T_"(based on Ilya Kusakin's materials), Russia, Moscow 

Екатерина Тихонова Екатерина Тихонова


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