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Underwater scooter Seabob

Underwater scooter Seabob

When the heat covers the dusty city, the idea of going to the sea becomes obtrusive. And it would be better to become a fish and swim freely between the reefs with colored flocks of silent goggle-eyed "colleagues". More recently, such a possibility was only for divers, but today the German company CayagoAG in cooperation with Porsche offers an amazing alternative - the underwater scooter Seabob.

Seabob is a small device, similar to a torpedo, which allows you to move quite quickly above the water and under it. It is equipped with an electric motor, an extremely simple control system and a display informing the swimmer of the movement speed, battery charge, water temperature and the depth of immersion. The power of this device is very decent - 5 - 7 horsepower and even more, but this is for military purposes. The battery charge lasts about an hour.

Seabob allows you to move quickly above the water and under it

Seabob allows you to move quickly above the water and under it, photo WEB

Even children can ride on this device - on Siboba there is an adjustment of the maximum permissible speed and depth. Looking, as experienced users skillfully circles under and above the water, involuntarily wondering how this device does not break out of hands and does not go to free swimming. However, the cunning technique "sensing" the absence of human hands on the handles, immediately stops and still awaits the continuation of the sea voyage.

Scooter for scuba diving is compact and ergonomic. Of course, for deep diving and high-speed sweeps you need a certain technique, but Seabob's control is carried out almost intuitively by simply moving the body's gravity. The movements are similar to those that are performed, for example, by a dolphin, freely moving in sea waters. If you dreamed of swimming like a fish, then the German developers have already made your dream come true!

Seabob allows you to swim like a fish

Seabob allows you to swim like a fish, photo WEB

However, experts warn - it is undesirable to dive with Seabob without a special diver certificate. Even without equipment. Underwater voyage is beautiful and fascinating, but also dangerous, and therefore it is necessary to have at least general knowledge and know the rules of behavior under water to avoid injuries and other health problems.

But no special equipment is required swiminning above the water on a Seabob scooter. You can put on a vest for more confidence - and on the road. For diving, of course, you need all the diving equipment. Seabob is able to descend to a depth of 40 meters! It's enough just to touch the button and this small device will take you to the heart of the Poseidon kingdom. For such a voyage scooter speed is very decent - up to 14 km / h. Above the water, the vehicle's capabilities are even more impressive - 20 km / h.

Without a special diver certificate it is undesirable to submerge under the water

Without a special diver certificate it is undesirable to submerge under the water, photo WEB

Meanwhile, the underwater scooter does not violate the ecology of the underwater environment at all and works almost silently, so you can not worry about the nervous system of marine life.

And now, it seems that happiness is somewhere near. It is enough to stretch out your hands, take the handles and spend the summer in the gentle blue waters, having fun swimming with flocks of fish. But to feel the heady sense of boundless freedom will have to fork out a little - the average price tag of a hydrofoil scooter is about 13 thousand euros. However, in the resorts Seabobs are already rented, and therefore feel like a part of the underwater world now can anyone.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow