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Exhibition CES 2019

Exhibition CES 2019 ended

One of the biggest events for electronics manufacturers, IT companies and promising startups is the international exhibition CES. For half a century of its history, the most prestigious technoshow of the planet presented more than 700 thousand products, including the first videotape, digital radio, 3D printers and many other innovations. The beginning of 2019 was marked by the 52nd CES exhibition, which took place in Las Vegas from January 9 to 11.

This year, smart and unmanned technology has become the main trend of the exhibition. As always, in recent years, CES 2019 has unveiled a number of new smartphones to the public, including the Samsung 5G Prototype and Galaxy Flex, as well as the budget Alcatel and Rokit One. However, the sensation was novelty Royole FlexPai - a smartphone model with flexible display. The price tag of more than 1,000 dollars makes it affordable not for everyone, but a step into a new era of flexible phones has finally been made.

Flexible smartphone Royole FlexPai

Flexible smartphone Royole FlexPai, photo WEB

The company Jenax intended to accelerate the development of technology in this vector. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, it presented the first flexible battery that can be used in many modern devices. Initially, the development was carried out for integration into medical devices, but it turned out to be so universal that it can also be used in consumer-grade electronics.

Among the new products, a lot of robots from different manufacturers pleased this time the exhibition of electronics CES. This, for example, Samsung's home robot-nurse Bot Care, which monitors the vital signs of the owners, gives recommendations for maintaining health and, if necessary, can call an ambulance.

Robot-nurse Bot Care from Samsung

Robot-nurse Bot Care from Samsung, photo WEB

Perhaps not so useful, but no less interesting was the robot presented by the US-China collaboration ForwardX Robotics. “Smart” suitcase Ovis Suitcase does not need to carry it in hand - it goes next to the owner, avoiding obstacles. If the little traveler is lost, it can be easily tracked by GPS.

Of all the innovations at CES 2019, a list of useful gadgets in everyday life - a robot, folding neat piles of washed clothes, a home brewery, a smart feeder that recognizes cat snouts, or clever toilets for pets that do not need to be cleaned daily. All kinds of toilets - self-cleaning, singing, glowing and others - have become a fashionable trand of the exhibition. The variety of TV also suprised. Among the ultramodern folding, hiding, mobile, there was also a “wooden” model, which, according to the developers, more harmoniously fits into the modern eco-design of the premises.

Smart suitcase Ovis Suitcase

Smart suitcase Ovis Suitcase, photo WEB

Some manufacturers think bigger and presented absolutely amazing things at the exhibition, such as the Bell Helicopter - prototype aerotaxi, the John Deere smart twenty-ton combine capable of harvesting without a driver according to given coordinates, or a walking car from Hyundai Elevate that can pass there where can not drive wheel mechanisms. The latest novelty can be used by researchers or rescue teams.

Panasonik and LG presented exoskeletons that help to travel long distances and lift loads, Jaxjox offered a “smart” weight controlling the effectiveness of training, Harley-Davidson showed the latest electric motorcycle ... It seems that electronics surrounded us from all sides! And this is great! After all, the latest developments make life easier, brighter and much more interesting.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow