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Electronic gadgets that hit the world in 2018

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Every year, hundreds of electronic devices are created, designed to improve or diversify a person’s life. The presentation of new products traditionally takes place at three large-scale exhibitions - in January at CES in Las Vegas, in February at the MWC in Barcelona and in early September at the IFA in Berlin. What new electronics development has hit the public this year, and what of the new products in the near future we will be able to see in the market?

The leading place at consumer electronics exhibitions is occupied by prototypes of equipment that have been actively used in every home for a long time. A separate niche was won by devices of an absolutely incredible purpose, such as an e-pillow that simulates a heartbeat and sings lullabies, or a bot that entertains elderly people. Some of the new products will never gain popularity, others, undoubtedly, will become part of our life in the near future.

IFA exhibition in Berlin

IFA exhibition in Berlin, photo ©

The latter can be safely attributed to a flat-panel TV from LG, which, without loss of image and sound quality, is able to bend and even roll up into a tube. The manufacturer guarantees 50 thousand rolls without breakdowns. A similar novelty is offered by Samsung, which presented a narrow prototype of a freely bending smartphone to a narrow circle of favorites in January. While the model has some imperfections, but if everything goes according to plan, it will go on the market next year.

In the meantime, some bend the screens, others turn them ... into paper! For example, Lenovo showed a transformer laptop in September, which has a second screen in place of the keyboard. As if on electronic paper, you can draw on it with your finger or stylus, take notes, type text and perform other actions that are inaccessible or less convenient when performed on a regular laptop.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X, photo WEB

It is harder to break away from the monitor and gamers, because virtual reality is becoming incredibly real. Now, to maximize the world of illusions offers the company Acer, who presented professional gaming chair at the IFA. The chair vibrates, leans back and forward. It can accommodate three monitors and a system unit.

It seems to create something more impressive is difficult, but Furrion tried. The company introduced an exoskeleton driven by a pilot sitting inside. The robot weighs more than three tons, and in the near future, its developers promise to organize a new kind of competition - running and fighting in giant exoskeletons.

Exoskeleton Furrion

Exoskeleton Furrion, photo WEB

But the Black Box company strongly recommends to develop your own body and doing sports. However, it is no longer necessary to leave the alternate reality for this, because the developers offer revolutionary virtual fitness simulators. Helmet goes with the power plant, wearing which an athlete will throw fireballs at dragons, turn over cars and perform many other actions that are clearly more interesting than the usual training.

The company Moodo offered to use odors for aromatherapy. Their smart aroma diffuser fills the space with delicious aromas and is controlled both manually and through a mobile application. Novelties in the field of electronics were also used in the process of cooking. So, Panasonic introduced the concept of a fundamentally new kitchen, literally stuffed with electronics. Screens with recipes, touch surfaces, dishwasher with disinfection function, scanning products in the fridge ... It seems that the hostess will soon be completely superfluous here.

 Aroma diffuser Moodo

 Aroma diffuser Moodo, photo WEB

In the meantime, mothers are learning new technology, children also do not have to be bored. The cute little dog Aibo from Sony, which has artificial intelligence, is now available to the European consumer. This is not only a smart toy, but also a very useful gadget that works as a home video surveillance system.

The society has not yet “digested” the last concepts, and in just two months the doors of the CES 2019 exhibition will open. Does it seem that there’s nothing to surprise us with? We will find out soon!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow