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Chemistry and equipment for road construction from Kotlas Chemical Plant

Road chemistry from JSC "KCHZ"

JSC Kotlas Chemical Plant is a modern, stably operating enterprise which produce chemical products and equipment for road construction. This is one of the leading enterprises in the country, which produce wide range of products necessary for the maintenance, repair and construction of roads and airfields from asphalt and cement concrete.

Over the past 20 years in the repair and construction of roads in Russia, hot bitumen has been replaced with bitumen emulsifiers - compositions that are less dangerous and more comfortable in use. Cationic and anionic emulsifiers of direct type are used in the road industry.

JSC Kotlas Chemical Plant is a stable working enterprise

JSC Kotlas Chemical Plant is a stable working enterprise, photo ©

Cationic emulsifiers are widely used in tack coat in the construction of new roads and asphalt pit repair, also, in creating layers of rough surface processing, as well as to strengthen the soil together with Portland cement and in some cast emulsion-mineral mixtures.

Anionic emulsifiers are used in tack coat of cement concrete pavements and for the strengthening of soils together with cement concrete, as well as for the construction of waterproofing layers.

Kotlas Chemical Plant produces cationic emulsifiers AZOL1016 brands B and D, as well as two types of anionic emulsifiers - AZOL1021 brand A and AZOL1021 brand B. Due to high quality and relatively low cost, compared with imported emulsifiers, this plant's products are in good demand among Russian road builders .

Катионные эмульгаторы применяются для подгрунтовки при строительстве новых дорог

Cationic emulsifiers are used in tack coat in the construction of new roads, photo WEB

For the production of asphalt concrete mixtures, JSC KCH produces three types of adhesive additives suitable for all types of mineral components. AZOL1002, AZOL1003 and AZOL1004 improve the water resistance of asphalt, thereby prolonging its service life.

Additives AZOL1006 and AZOL1007 are also in high demand. They allow to lay layers of hot asphalt concrete mixes at the beginning and at the end of the construction season when the ambient temperature is lowered. These additives contain not only temperature reducing components, but also adhesive components, which also improve the properties and durability of asphalt.

The described products are in liquid form, and for their effective evenly mixing with bitumen, the plant produces special automated dosing units UAD1000M. This equipment can be operatively mounted at asphalt concrete plants of domestic and import production, it is light and reliable in operation.

Anionic emulsifiers are used in tack coat of cement concrete pavements

Anionic emulsifiers are used in tack coat of cement concrete pavements, photo WEB

Today, an increase in the intensity of automobile traffic lead to a significant increase in rutting, a process which leads to premature road repair. To fight with it, polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) are added to the upper layers of the road surface. The main indicator of their quality is viscosity, which is regulated by special plasticizers.

However, most of them contain mineral oils that reduce the adhesion of the mixture components, and paraffins, which increase the fragility of asphalt in the winter. JSC KCHZ produces the only plasticizer in the country for PBB without mineral oils and paraffins - AZOL1011. It increases the viscosity of PBB, without degrading quality of asphalt, thereby allows to increase the service life of heavy-duty roads.

High-quality asphalt mixes require thorough mixing of the mineral parts with a bituminous binder. But there is a problem - the first component is hydrophilic, and the second is hydrophobic. Crushed stone and sand are easily combined with bitumen, in which there are already described adhesive additives AZOL1002, AZOL1003 and AZOL1004.

AZOL1011 increases the viscosity of PBB without degrading the quality of asphalt

AZOL1011 increases the viscosity of PBB without degrading the quality of asphalt, photo WEB

But it is is impossible to mix it quickly with mineral powder. AZOL1010 helps to solve this problem, it is additive that makes the powder hydrophobic at a dosage of less than 1% of its mass. The mineral composition which is activated that way with improved bitumen allows to obtain high-quality asphalt-concrete mixtures, and they are distinguished by high water resistance and durability.

For the emergency asphalt pit repair is used the “cold asphalt” made on the basis of liquefied bitumen. These compositions should not contain volatile flammable components, and one of the best in the domestic market is AZOL8030, produced by JSC “KCHZ”. The mixture is supplied in metal barrels and is convenient for dosing.

The whole range of chemical products and equipment for the road industry is always available in the warehouses of the Kotlas Chemical Plant in Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk region, Dmitrov, Moscow region, Tikhoretsk, Krasnodar region, Vladimir (Vladimir region) and Samara (Samara region).

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In Russia, you can purchase products for road construction on the official website of JSC KCHZ

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