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Mysterious and delightfully beautiful. What attracts tourists Black continent?


Dreaming to go on a trip to Africa, first look at the map - this is a huge mysterious continent with an area of almost 30.4 million km². Washed by two oceans and two more seas, it includes 55 countries with different standards of living and service, excellent climatic and epidemiological conditions. How to figure out where to go to Africa? Find out right now!

This place is amazing ... Here the Nile flows - the longest river in the world, and the Sahara, the world's largest desert, whispers in the sands. Here is noisy Victoria - one of the largest waterfalls, and a whole piece of the sky is reflected in a huge fresh-water lake with the same name. The black continent is located immediately in the two hemispheres, captured several climatic zones and is the hottest on the planet at any time of the year. Therefore, in order to travel comfortably along its northern part, it is better to choose the period from December to May, and the southern - from June to November.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, photo WEB

The flight to African countries is not cheap, but if you monitor prices, you will be able to catch profitable offers. But already on the mainland there is a rest on any budget. Here are located the hotels of the world's popular chains, and lodges in the savannah, and home-made guesthouses on the ocean, and beach bungalows. With the "lifting" cost and the direction of the vacation program should be determined in advance. Safari, diving, shopping, surfing, climbing - all this is not so simple to combine on the African continent in one place. For this reason, it is difficult to unequivocally answer where to go to Africa to rest best of all - there are many options, and every tourist will appreciate what he likes.

South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique are popular among tourists. Those who prefer a beach holiday, stop in the north of the mainland, and fans of eco-tourism choose the national parks of East and Central Africa. Nevertheless, the guests of the continent have the opportunity to go on safari or explore the historical and natural attractions from almost any tourist developed point. The difference is only in the distance. So, transportation is very diverse here - you can get to the place by small private jets, trains, jeeps and even air balloons. From the possibilities head spins! Therefore, it is not easy for an unprepared tourist to decide exactly where to go in Africa.

Safari allows you to get in touch with wildlife

Safari allows you to get in touch with wildlife, photo WEB

Kenya offers a relatively budget holiday, safari lovers and those who dreamed of hunting for the Big Five are sent here specifically. Also here you can see the Great Migration of Animals and the Great African Rift, which threatens to split the continent into two parts. Fans of passive recreation in Kenya are going for white beaches and gentle waters of the Indian Ocean.

People go to Namibia to watch elephants and cheetahs, to visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop and the ship graveyard in the Namib desert. There is a decent service, good infrastructure and stunning scenery.

The Kolmanskop

The Kolmanskop, photo WEB

Tanzania is ideal for tourists who first came to the continent and still do not know what Africa is good for. Beach holidays, climbing Kilimanjaro, diving in Zanzibar, an excursion to the sixth largest crater in the world, visiting the richest in bio-diversity of national parks ... Many travelers consider rest in Tanzania to be the best on this part of the land.

South Africa is called for African Europe, the most developed part of the mainland and the most expensive. Here you can see the merging of two oceans, the migration of whales and the course of sardines. A visit to Cape Town is a mandatory part of the program, because it is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Those who are not constrained in their means, appreciate comfort and are still wondering where exactly to fly to Africa, should start their acquaintance with the Republic of South Africa.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, photo WEB

Alas, among African countries there are those where you should not go. For many years in the Congo, the Central African Republic and Burundi there are wars and uprisings. Tourists are not safe here. Not the best reputation have Nigeria, where the high crime rate and the incidence of AIDS. However, in this regard, many countries of the mainland are unfavorable.

If across Africa travel is planned active, it is better to make vaccinations in advance. Immunity after some of them forms within a month, so it’s better to prepare for such a trip in advance. Each country has its own list of diseases, so the “bunch” of vaccines will also be excellent.

Despite the African romance, in any part of the Black Continent it is worth adhering to several strict rules: use insect repellents, not eat in dubious places and drink only bottled water. Let the journey be bright, positive and healthy!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow