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Amazing castles of the world

Amazing castles of the world 

Each country carefully keeps its history. In every corner of the planet there is a castle, fortress or palace, embodying the greatness of the state and demonstrating the peak of its architectural art. The most famous castles of the world amaze and admire, cause awe and reverence. They collect thousands of tourists and not in vain, because this is the best opportunity to touch history.

Germany is called the country of castles by right. There are many of them, some are included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO and are considered the most beautiful in the world. For example, the architecture of the Leuvenburg palace is surprising. It was created in the style of romantic medieval ruins and today is considered the first neo-Gothic construction in the country. But the most famous castle in Germany is the fabulous Neuschwanstein. This is the true treasure of the Alps, which Ludwig the Mad named by New Swan's cliff, it was created not for wars, but for beautiful music and lofty dreams.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, photo WEB

The flow of tourists is not weakened to the palaces of England. Windsor heads the list of the most famous castles of Great Britain. This is an unshakable symbol of the monarchy with almost a thousand-year history and it is the most beloved country residences of the Queen. Today it is the largest residential castle in the world. There lives and works half a thousand people, including Catherine II herself, who traditionally spends the whole month in the palace in the spring.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, photo WEB

France can boast with the real masterpieces of architecture. Almost four hundred rooms are located in the most stylish, luxurious, snow-white Chambore. The "Lady's" palace Chenoncea admires, it was owned by women most often, which is reflected in every detail of its delicate interiors and quivering gardens. However, among the most famous castles of France, Mont-Saint-Michel enjoys the greatest popularity. This island-fortress, which during the tide is completely cut off from the mainland, became the prototype of the fortress in the film "The Lord of the Rings".

One of the most famous castles in Europe is the Edinburgh Castle Fortress. A harsh architectural composition, including palace, treasury, several chapels and warehouses with weapons, stands on the very top of a sleeping volcano. Formidable looking down on the capital of Scotland, it heads the top of the famous castles of the country.

Chenonceau Palace

Chenonceau Palace, photo WEB

Czech Republic is famous not only for excellent beer and cuisine. The architecture of this state is amazing! Fortress Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle in the world. It was built in the 9th century and consists of many palaces, monasteries and temples. Among the famous castles of the Czech Republic there is also a snow-white Hluboka nad Vlatva, which, according to the idea, was to become a Czech Windsor, but, perhaps, even surpassed the original by grace.

Among the famous medieval castles, honorable place is occupied also by those that are located on the territory of modern Russia. The whole world knows what the Moscow Kremlin is one of the main symbols of the country. It is not only a monument, but also the largest active fortress in Europe, as well as the official residence of the president. Here is the Armory Chamber, the Diamond Fund and the truly fabulous temple of St. Basil the Blessed.

Hluboká nad Vlatvo Castle

Hluboká nad Vlatvo Castle, photo WEB

Mikhailovsky Castle is among the famous castles of Russia, it is located in St. Petersburg. This is the only palace in the country on the water, and over 6 thousand people worked on its construction.

However, the famous castles are not only in Europe, but also on other continents. For example, the Palace of Himeji in Japan is an elegant white building with many-tiered roofs of characteristic shape. It looks fragile, but it has been almost seven centuries, storing the priceless treasures of the crowned family. This is one of the largest palaces of the planet, including 83 buildings, which are located on an area of 220 thousand m².

Mikhailovsky Castle

Mikhailovsky Castle, photo WEB

Surprisingly beautiful building, the height of it's towers reaches 100 meters, stands in Canada. Château Frontenac is one of the most famous castles in the world, the visiting card of Quebec and the National Historical Monument of the country.

Another unusual fortress, which the modern European would never call a castle, is located in Iran. Arg-e Bam - the oldest example of Persian architecture, the Safavid residence, consists of several mausoleums, towers and mosques and is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Palace of Himeji (left) and Arg-e Bam (right)

Palace of Himeji (left) and Arg-e Bam (right), photo WEB

There are hundreds of amazing castles in the world and each of them keeps its secrets. Monarchs were born here, crowned people rested, the destinies of states were made, and history was "made". There is, perhaps, no better way to go to the past, and if it is possible, it is unforgivable to miss it.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow