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Bohemian Paradise in Czech

Bohemian Paradise in Czech

Last year, Prague met a record number of guests, and in 2017, by attendance, it may well bypass the previous one. Millions of tourists from all over the world go to the Czech capital for a reason. After all, this is an amazing place where you can enjoy magnificent architecture, make shopping, have fun and fill yourselves with national cuisine.

Prague - a quiet corner in the heart of Europe, not without reason, nicknamed the city of hundred towers. And this is an understatement. Palaces, fortresses, cathedrals and even apartment buildings amaze with their splendor. The old and new parts of the city are covered with legends, often mystical and even gloomy.

Prague is called the city of one hundred towers

Prague is called the city of one hundred towers, photo WEB

But the capital itself breathes peace, which is especially acute after the rabid rhythm of megacities. Stunning bridges over Vlatva, cozy cafes, famous Czech beer, Wenceslas sausages and a juicy pork knee have long been a dream for sad tourists after returning home.

There is entertainment near to Prague and for those who like active recreation. In the north-east of the country, the Krkonoše Mountains sleep peacefully with their ski resorts, and in Vlatva you can raft on kayaks. But if you will find a couple of days off in the Czech Republic, be sure to visit Czech reserve Bohemian Paradise. This National Park stretches a hundred kilometers from Prague and is an incredible beauty symbiosis of majestic nature and architectural masterpieces.

The park is so large that it's impossible to look into all its corners in one day

The park is so large that it's impossible to look into all its corners in one day, photo WEB

The reserve has become a habitat for many animals and birds, here are also deposits of rare minerals and precious stones. On its territory in the Middle Ages dozens of castles were built, most of which today remain only picturesque ruins.

Here, tourists will find mysterious caves, rocky labyrinths, flowering meadows and breathtaking panoramas. The park is so large that it's impossible to look into all its corners in one day. Therefore, if you want to get acquainted with all the sights of Paradise, you better settle not in Prague itself, but in nearby towns.

Rocky towns in the reserve

Rock towns in the reserve, photo WEB

In the Bozhkovsky caves spread the deepest lake with azure clear water, and in the transitions and deepenings there are stalactites and stalagmites. Unobtrusive lighting turns a small walk through the underground labyrinth into a real mystical adventure. Another "paradise" attraction - Rock town, which are a UNESCO heritage site. These are clusters of high sandstone formations, forming whole streets with towers and peaks. Having plenty of exercise here, tired tourists can relax on the sandy shore of the Makhovoy Lake.

In addition to the unique natural creations, in the Bohemian Paradise it is worth looking at the creations of human hands. Be sure to visit the ruins of the Trosky fortress, about the greatness of which today tells only one surviving tower. Take time to visit the center of Gothic - Castle Cost. Its original appearance has not changed much and now it has a museum. Another castle, Rough Rogozet, will amaze the guests with a combination of exquisite decoration in residential floors and dampness of dark torture chambers of dungeons.

Ruins of the Trosky castle in the reserve

Ruins of the Trosky castle in the reserve, photo WEB

The park can be walked on foot, following the tourist routes along the hanging bridges and calm forest paths. There are also cycling tours here, and some sights can be reached by car. The Czech reserve is interesting at any time of the year and every guest can find entertainment here. Because it is called the Paradise.

Ilona Bartula, Czech Republic, Prague