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Eco-hotels, part 1

Eco-hotels, part 1 

There are eco-hotels in many countries of the world, where you can relax with maximum comfort, not denying yourself in anything, and at the same time, without harming the environment.

Most of these hotels are located in protected areas or simply in beautiful places, so that from the windows of their rooms are opened simply stunning views. But the main idea of it is in the harmonious neighborhood of holidaymakers with nature and minimizing the influence of the hotel itself on the environment.

Eco-hotels are located in the beautiful places

Eco-hotels are located in the beautiful places, photo WEB

The level of comfort is very different - you can stay in a small settlement, consisting of a dozen huts, or in a first-class five-star hotel with all the amenities and moreover.

Harm reduction to nature in such places is achieved in many ways. Receiving electricity and heating water through solar panels, special design solutions for rooms that allow you to abandon air conditioners, environmentally friendly furniture, energy-saving lamps and much, much more.

The level of comfort is differentin eco-hotels

The level of comfort is differentin eco-hotels, photo WEB

The establishments with ecological accommodation are gaining popularity - this is how we call resettlement in rooms where there is no mobile communication, electricity and other benefits of civilization. Water in the shower can be heated by the sun, candles are used instead of lamps, and products from the local farm and fish from the nearest natural reservoir are served for dinner. But this is the prerogative, in general, of small private hotels with the number of rooms to twenty.

Large hotels are primarily concerned about the reduction of the left carbon footprint. And the first step in achieving this goal is the transition to renewable energy sources. For example, in Nevada, the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino has 1,500 rooms, a SPA, a swimming pool, a casino and other delights of a modern all-inclusive holiday. But at the same time, it uses geothermal energy to ensure its needs, does not use gas installations and grasps for any possibility to escape from fossil fuels.

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino uses geothermal energy

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino uses geothermal energy, photo © peppermillreno

A small hotel in Iceland called Litli Geysir Hotel operates on the same principles. It is located in a historical place, in the valley of Haukadalur, where the famous hot spring Geysir is located. The establishment "eats" energy from the local geothermal power station and offers guests the most environmentally friendly types of recreation - fishing on the river, rafting, diving and horseback riding.

Litli Geysir Hotel uses energy from a local geothermal power plant

Litli Geysir Hotel uses energy from a local geothermal power plant, photo ©

Another giant, which stands out with its eco-orientation, is Park Hyatt Hyderabad in India. The project of the building took into account the trajectory of the sun and the glass buildings of the hotel are located so as to absorb as much light as possible during the day. The ultra-modern building was built according to the laws of ecological and energy-efficient architecture and received a gold certificate LEED - the highest rating of the American "green" buildings system.

Park Hyatt Hyderabad received a gold certificate LEED

Park Hyatt Hyderabad received a gold certificate LEED, photo WEB

The energy of the sun is used by many hotels around the world, but this practice is most widespread in the countries of Oceania, the Bahamas and Central America.

For example, Star Hotel, located in the Bahamas, fully covers its own electricity needs with solar panels. As a leisure facility hotel offers its guests sailing and diving. And in Arizona, at the foot of Mount Kemelbek, popular among American climbers, is the hotel "Phoenician". On the roof of the building are installed solar panels that absorb the heat of the desert sun and provide the hotel with clean energy.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of Phoenician

Solar panels are installed on the roof of Phoenician, photo ©

But on the roof of the hotel h2hotel, located near San Francisco, are not only solar panels that heat water in pools and rooms, but also a special system that collects rain water. It cools the building of the hotel and, among other things, during the rainy season protects the river Foss from the shore.

When traveling, stop at eco-hotels. Be closer to nature, to feel your involvement in the common cause - the preservation of ecological balance on the planet. And do not doubt - such a holiday will be remembered for a long time.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow