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Best hotels, working without harm to the environment

Eco-hotels, part 2

Many popular editions maintain their own ratings of the best "green" hotels, offering their guests, who worries about reducing their carbon footprint, a holiday in harmony with nature.

Therefore, if you plan a holiday with an eye for ecology, then give preference to small private hotels that are lost far from the main tourist routes.

So, for example, in South Africa, right in the desert, in the Great Makalali-Pidwa reserve, the hotel Garonga Safari Camp with six numbers is hidden. Such luxury is difficult to find even in very "cool" institutions! Guests are offered a breathtaking view, amazing comfort, organic products and the opportunity to see elephants, cheetahs, lions and rhinoceros. At the same time the hotel uses the energy of the sun for its needs.

Garonga Safari Camp

Garonga Safari Camp, photo WEB

If the withering heat of the desert does not attract you too much, then go to Puerto Rico. Here there is a real paradise - Hix Island House, which is away from the city noise, but it is only an hour's drive from the capital. The hotel consists of two dozen houses, which are designed according to the principles of the Japanese aesthetic worldview.

They are built of natural materials in such a way as to use the energy of the tropical trade winds. And its shortcoming is compensated by solar batteries. Once here, tourists feel a special unity with nature, a certain earthiness and imperfection of the world, and the main leisure, taken at this place, is yoga in the shade of tropical trees and singing birds.

Hix Island House

Hix Island House, photo WEB

Those who are not ready for such exotics, it will not be difficult to find similar hotels in Europe. For example, in Switzerland, in the canton of Valais, at the very foot of the Alps the hotel Whitepod is comfortably located. It is a kind of camping, but expensive and luxurious. Each "tent" is a transparent dome, where a fireplace burns, and skins are scattered on wooden furniture.


Whitepod, photo ©

The English are also trying to be in the eco-trend, as the Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa hotel, which can be reached directly from London within a couple of hours. This is a real estate with 14 eco-friendly rooms, drowned among forests, gardens and parks. From the apartment windows you can see the National Park and "to litter" here with all sorts of "carbons" just blasphemous. The hotel uses a heat pump, solar batteries, energy-saving lighting system and even an installation for collecting rainwater.

Another hotel is also interesting, located in Ireland. Unlike it's "colleagues", it uses the energy not of the sun, but of water, which is rapidly flowing in the river deep under the earth. A small power plant copes with the task perfectly, and it get help from "smart" systems like special pumps, energy-saving elevators and lamps.

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, photo ©

However, not only cute small hotels are able to work without harm to the environment, but also large five-star resorces. About the Indian Park Hyatt Hyderabad, we have talked about earlier. Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas can boast with a gold certificate LEED. Yes, it is there, where there seems to be no place left for anything but excitement, is a luxury complex that uses every opportunity to reduce the environmental damage caused by its activities. In the course there is everything - from energy-saving lamps and a special design of windows to environmentally friendly household chemicals.

In Vietnam, the structure of the Six Senses Con Dao system allows to reduce the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning and lighting. The special material of the Tierra Patagonia hotel's facades in Chile maintains a stable indoor temperature.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, photo WEB

The owners of the Lapa Rios Ecolodge in Costa Rica not only use solar energy and food from local farms, but also protect 1000 acres of forest. And in North Carolina, the Proximity hotel will give odds to anyone else, since it uses more than fifty efficient energy-efficient practices, and hundreds of solar panels are installed on its roof, which is a blooming garden.

Travel eco-friendly! After all, today it is so simple, interesting and truly unforgettable.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow