Ski resorts 2020

Ski resorts 2020

There are hundreds of ski resorts in the world - budget and fabulously expensive, “cool” and safe for beginners ... The choice of the best is, of course, subjective, but some are unconditionally worthy of attention.

The French resort Chamonix rightly claims to be the most famous in the world - here, back in 1924, hosted the first Winter Olympics, and today it is one of the oldest and largest on the planet. People have been skiing here for more than two centuries, and the canons of skiing were laid in this place, so Chamonix is immodestly called the resort-patriarch.

French Chamonix is one of the oldest ski resorts

French Chamonix is one of the oldest ski resorts, photo WEB

It is located in a valley at the foot of Mont Blanc at an altitude of thousands of meters, but almost all of its routes are much higher. A variety of slopes, the comfort of warm log chalets, stunning views of the snowy Alps and the atmosphere of an old ski resort - is this not a true celebration of the soul?

A completely different spirit has the Swiss village of Zermatt in the quiet canton of Valais. This is a fashionable paradise for true connoisseurs of nature, located at the foot of the greatest peak of the Matterhorn. Here at an altitude of almost 4 km is the highest mountain station in the Alps called Kl. Matterhorn, and the slopes will be very difficult for beginners.

Zermatt - a fashionable paradise for true connoisseurs of nature

Zermatt - fashionable paradise for true connoisseurs of nature, photo ©

Zermatt has the second largest elevation drop (2.3 km), and even lingering snow is not uncommon in this region. There are no cars in the village, but on condition of its compactness, this is an exceptional plus. But here there are more than a hundred restaurants and almost half of them are awarded with Michelin stars - sophisticated tourists confidently call local cuisine the most exquisite in the Alps.

First-class ski resorts in Austria attract tourists. One of the most famous is the ancient city of Kitzbühel, which has been hosting guests since the mid-19th century. The history of this place has been going on for seven centuries, and today it has become one of the most fashionable in the world, a true alpine pearl, confidently competing with Courchevel and St. Moritz. Local tracks are recognized as the best for downhill, because this is where the Hanenkamm race is held annually - the most spectacular stage of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Kitzbühel has been welcoming guests since the mid-19th century

Kitzbühel has been welcoming guests since the mid-19th century, photo ©

The legendary Straif track is the fastest in the world, with a very difficult terrain, but Kitzbühel has plenty of routes for beginners. One of the local attractions is the Air Tram. This carriage "cable car" runs at a record height of 400 meters and has the longest span in the world - 2.5 km.

The most luxurious slopes of the USA and Canada await those for whom it is crowded in Europe. The rich and famous prefer Aspen, one of the most expensive and fashionable resorts, located in Colorado. In this place there are slopes of four mountains not connected to each other, which open up stunning landscapes for tourists and provide an opportunity for comfortable skiing for both beginners and real gurus.

Aspen is one of the largest ski resorts in the USA

Aspen is one of the largest ski resorts in the USA, photo WEB

“Black” slopes and wonderful family descents, a thousand meters vertical drop, noisy nightlife, shops, boutiques, restaurants - there is everything for a vacation that will never be forgotten! The only minus of leisure in Aspen is the high cost of all services. However, this place is definitely worth the money.

In Canada, the names of the two ski areas gave the name to the whole privileged resort. Whistler - Blackcomb - a place located a couple of hours drive from Vancouver, which rightfully bears the title of the snowy capital of the world. The height of the snow cover here is more than nine meters, and this is the main "feature" of the resort. In 2010, tracks and slopes were laid on the local slopes for the XXI Olympic Games, and today, coupled with developed infrastructure and excellent cuisine, this place has become one of the best for skiing and snowboarding.

Snow cover at Whistler - Blackcomb over 9 meters

Snow cover at Whistler - Blackcomb is over 9 meters, photo © WhistlerBlackcomb

In Whistler there is the rich Apres ski - two hundred restaurants and clubs, a duty free zone and an unthinkable number of shops will not let you get bored between breaks. A quarter of the slopes in this place are extremely difficult, half of which will suit confident skiers. The season is open here from November to June - Europe has never even dreamed of such!

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