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The best destinations for holidays in the fall of 2019

The Velvet season

Is it raining outside the window, on a thermometer is only +10, and the shoes replaced sandals long ago? But if a summer ticket is in the bag, life will be painted with new colors! In this striking contrast of the cloudy today and sunny tomorrow lies the main bonus of the autumn vacation.

Experienced travelers find September as the best time for a vacation. The flow of tourists is weakening, prices are falling, the beaches are empty, but the swimming season continues. To relax at sea in September, you still do not need to open your wallet widely. The Black Sea coast of Russia, friendly Abkhazia, Turkey and Egypt with their “all inclusive” attract tourists with a budget beach holiday and a comfortable excursion program due to the lack of heat. But the Mediterranean is rainy at the end of September, so for the gentle sun it is better to go to Cyprus, Crete and the southern coast of Italy.

The swimming season continues in September

The swimming season continues in September, photo WEB

However, September offers not only lazy rest. Till the 20th day, break into the Ganesha festival - the most striking event of the year in India. A little earlier, at the beginning of the month, watch Fashion Week in New York, and after a couple of weeks go to the fashion shows in Milan. For 70 years, Frankfurt has been hosting the International Motor Show in early autumn, and Venice has the regatta on gondolas along the Grand Canal for six centuries. For several days in September, there is the Panda Festival in China, and in Phuket - the Vegetarian Festival.

The historic regatta is the main event of Venice in early autumn

The historic regatta is the main event of Venice in early autumn, photo WEB

In October, the Mediterranean gives the baton to beach resorts to Egypt, the UAE, Thailand and India. Snow-white beaches and the gentle waters of the oceans attract tourists from Bali, Seychelles, Maldives, and the Caribbean. It will be possible at this time to splash in the sea on the Chinese island of Hainan. But in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, the rainy season begins in mid-autumn, and now it is better to postpone the trip to these countries until next year. When choosing where to go for a vacation in the autumn at sea, remember Turkey. It still pleases with warmth, and the resorts of its southern coast offer a comfortable beach vacation at a reasonable price. But while packing your suitcase, grab some warm clothes - in the evenings it is cool and rains are not uncommon.

The beach holiday season in Egypt begins in October

The beach holiday season in Egypt begins in October, photo WEB

Rest in Russia has a special charm in the fall. If the Black Sea coast is still at the height of the swimming season in September, then October is no longer available for water procedures. But in Crimea, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Anapa and Adler it is still warm, and the time comes for walking tours and sightseeing. In the middle of the season, go to Lake Baikal - until the end of October there is a real paradise for romantics and nature lovers. Visit the resorts of Altai to admire beautiful landscapes and breathe in the mountain air, and support your health with mineral waters, SPA procedures and healing mud in the Caucasus.

Altai is unusually beautiful in autumn

Altai is unusually beautiful in autumn, photo WEB

In the autumn, when the beach season is behind, holidays in Europe are pleased with the opportunity to calmly see the sights, visit museums or have a break at some noisy holiday. The brightest of them is Oktoberfest. The beer festival gathers crowds of tourists in Munich! And for those who prefer noble drinks to foamy, the hospitable Czech Republic awaits, which at this time marks the feast of young wine. Atmospherei n Paris at the beginning of the month is also a completely different - audience is gathering here for the pathos Fashion Week.

Octoberfest in Munich

Octoberfest in Munich, photo WEB

Planning your vacation in the fall of 2019, do not discount November, it is a great month for a vacation! True, you will have to fly to the warm sea, and open your wallet wider. Spain, Italy and Greece have long lost ground, but in the Canary Islands at that time, is paradise. Thailand is relatively cheap, and in November there is a banquet of monkeys and an elephant festival. A little more expensive at this time will cost a vacation in Mexico, Mauritius and Morocco. The UAE offers tremendous prospects, and with a shortage of funds, you can choose not the most popular emirates. You can soak up on the beaches of Cuba, the Maldives and the Seychelles. A good choice at the end of the fall season is India. Guided tours of the temples, elephant trekking and swimming in the ocean will not leave anyone indifferent.

When thinking about where to go on vacation in late autumn, remember about sightseeing tours. Museums in Prague and Rome, the architecture of London and Budapest, restaurants in France and German pubs - Europe is not boring in any weather. Germany opens the annual carnival in November, and Holland holds the Hemp Cup. It is still warm in southern Europe, and the end of the season gives you the opportunity to visit Spain, Italy and Greece, where at this time you can enjoy the scenery and visit the sights.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow