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One day you will certainly want to get acquainted with the mysterious Land of the Rising Sun and its amazing capital. Let's together analyze what is interesting to see in Tokyo, what are the main attractions and what is worth knowing about the life of people in Japan.

Planning a trip to Tokyo, it is important not to lose time with the timing of the year. Summer can meet with rains, this season lasts until the end of July. And after it, it's quite hot with high humidity. In winter, Japan is quite boring outwardly, but incredibly transformes from the middle of December, covered with millions of festive lights. That's very beautiful time! But if you want to see how the Japanese celebrate the New Year, it's worthwhile to worry about choosing a place of residence in advance - everything will be sold out for a few months ahead.

It is important not to miscalculate with the timing of the year

It is important not to miscalculate with the timing of the year, photo WEB

Spring is most beautiful in Japan, when cherry and plum blossom, or in the fall, with the beginning of Momiji - the season of Red Maples. Experienced travelers still recommend to go to the Land of the Rising Sun from the end of September to the end of November - there are less tourists, the weather is still affectionate, and prices are already acceptable.

It is worthwhile to begin acquaintance with the heart of the country, because Tokyo is full of amazing sights, which are just obligatory to visit.

Momiji - the season of Red Maples

Momiji - the season of Red Maples, photo WEB

You will be surprised by the love of the Japanese to rail transport in the buzzing Tokyo. In this country the most developed railway network in the world, and therefore you definitely will not have difficulties with the movement. High-speed trains and metro drive anywhere, and to see the best places of interest in Tokyo will not be difficult. Therefore, arm with guide book and start your journey safely!

By world standards, the capital of Japan is a fairly young city. It is only four hundred years old, during which it survived the war, earthquakes, typhoons and fires. But today it is a striking metropolis living on contrasts. Here, European culture harmoniously adjoins the eastern, and ultramodern buildings - with ancient temples.

The most developed rail network in the world is in Tokyo

The most developed rail network in the world is in Tokyo, photo WEB

Is is better to organize a trip to Tokyo with the advices of experienced tourists, especially if you do not have too much time. Once here, first visit the Imperial Palace and stroll around the surrounding garden. This amazing historical monument is a national treasure and its stone buildings, dating back to the 16th century, are carefully guarded by the state.

The pride of the modern capital of Japan is the Tokyo Tower, which is important to the Japanese as the Eiffel Tower for the French. 60 years ago it was the highest in the world, and today it still offers tourists an amazing panorama of the Japanese capital and the Tokyo Bay.

The Imperial Palace (left) and Tokyo Tower (right)

The Imperial Palace (left) and Tokyo Tower (right), photo WEB

Admiring at Tokyo from above, get down and look into the Ueno Park - a paradise in the center of the stone jungle, which was created in 1873 by the order of the emperor. The National Museum of Tokyo was opened here and, perhaps, there is no better place in the entire capital for studying the culture of Japan.

Near is the Miraikan Museum, the National Museum of Science. This is the main showcase of the futuristic achievements of the Japanese and there it seems that the future has already come. And if you want to see "the most Japanese Japan" with all its inimitable coloring, go to the Museum of Sitamati.

Ueno Park (left) and the Miraikan Museum (right)

Ueno Park (left) and the Miraikan Museum (right), photo WEB

You can not ignore the temples in Tokyo. While you are in Ueno Park, walk along the alley decorated with 250 stone lamps, to the temple of Ueno Toseg. And on the way back, ask for something important, the most intimate, from the goddess of mercy Kannon in the Temple of Kaneyiji Kiyomizudo.

After being absorbed spiritually, it is worthwhile to refresh yourself physically. Tokyo catering establishments are worthy of a separate article, but for now you need to look into the Tsukiji fish market. Such a variety of seafood you will not find anywhere else! Here you can also eat delicious food in a restaurant, a cafe or directly on the street, depending on financial possibilities.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market, photo WEB

You can end the day in the Ginza area. Here is a paradise for those who want to get noisy, spend money and have fun. Shopping malls-giants Mitsukoshi, Matsuya and Matsuzakaya, restaurants, Sony building with exhibition and trade halls and other entertainments are waiting for tourists all year round. And connoisseurs of culture can visit the oldest Kabuki theater, which was opened almost 130 years ago.

It is hard to tell all the interesting facts and describe the sights of Tokyo, but it's better to see once than to read a hundred times, because it's impossible to convey its amazing color.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow