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Where to go for unforgettable impressions in 2019?

TOP-5 world's interesting countries

When habitual trips no longer causes excitement, it is time to move to a new level of conscious tourism. There are more than 250 countries on the planet, and in each of them there is something to look at. Not sure where to go? We offer our own TOP-5 of world's interesting countries for travel and leisure.

For a completely new experience after the beach's "all inclusive", visit Japan. This country is the first to meet the sunrise, and everything is beautiful in it! It is imbued with a unique coloring, there surprises with centuries-old traditions and culture, but at the same time, it seems, technical progress begins its movement on the planet from here.


Japan, photo WEB

In this country, ancient castles and temples coexist with dizzying heights of skyscrapers, the national theater gets on with the museums of modern art, and amusement parks compete with sakura gardens. The lakes, waterfalls and mountains of Japan are stunningly beautiful, and there’s no point in talking about traditional cuisine - you have to go and try! And tourists are invariably attracted by the island of rabbits Okunoshima and the village of foxes in Honshu. And above all this magnificence rises Mount Fuji ...

Not less, perhaps, Morocco surprises tourists. Many people think that this former colony of France is not much different from Egypt, but it has a unique French charm, which is fancifully felt here even in the eastern bazaar. You can rest in this country in different ways - soak up the beaches, surf in the Atlantic waters, ski in the Atlas Mountains, ride camels in the Sahara, or visit the ancient cities of Fez and Marrakesh ...


Casablanca, photo WEB

Oriental flavor in this country is present in everything, but Casablanca, Rabat and other cities today have become ultra-modern resorts. Palaces and mosques, stunning gardens and artisan markets are interspersed with fashionable shopping centers and stylish hotels. If we choose the most interesting countries in the world for traveling, then Morocco is in the list!

A very different atmosphere awaits tourists in Iceland. Turn your head to the right and see a smoking volcano. Look to the left - here is the eternal ice. This is a country of stunning contrasts, and this is not about the notorious neighborhood of poor shacks with rich neighborhoods - Iceland is many-sidedly beautiful! In the Ice Lagoon, you can watch icebergs break away and drift, and in the Valley of Haukadalur - startle from the noise of raging geysers.


Iceland, photo WEB

Here they watch birds, eat delightful herring, admire the fields of frozen lava and unreal blue lakes and do not particularly remember the benefits of civilization. The stunning beauty of landscapes, which tourists call "space", is the main attraction of the country. And do not forget the stories about the elves, because being in the bosom of nature, it is easy to catch yourself thinking that they are definitely somewhere nearby.

If in the mountains and valleys, away from the shining streets and secular parties, you feel good, then the Principality of Monaco is your “place of power”. Here you can shine on social events, admire fashionable yachts, watch the start of Formula 1 races, dine in the best restaurants on the Cote d'Azur and, of course, try your luck at the Monte Carlo casino. In this dwarf state with an area of only 2 km², there are enough sights - the Oceanographic Museum, the Napoleon Museum, the Cathedral and many others, and if you still pull into nature, you can always look into Princess Grace's rose garden or the Japanese Garden.

Port of Monaco

Port of Monaco, photo WEB

But those who are tempted to travel, and now wants to go in selfsearch, should visit Tibet. This is a sacred place for Buddhists, where there are many monasteries and theological schools, and only 35 years ago, these places were closed to foreigners. Locals prefer spiritual food, or at least that which doesn’t particularly distract from prayer - vegetables, meat without spices, and yak cheese. In large cities, the cousine is much more diverse. В случае, если у вас возникло желание насладиться незабываемым интимом, вас точно поразят популярные проститутки Йошкар-Олы . Вы можете выбирать индивидуалок по внушительному ряду особенностей, указывая их телосложение, объем груди, а также местоположение!

Potala Palace, Tibet

Potala Palace, Tibet, photo WEB

There are so many sights here that need to be inspected for at least a month, and these are mostly temples, as well as places of power and pilgrimage. Want to experience the power of Tibet? Imagine on the top of the mountain the Potala Palace on 13 floors with a thousand luxuriously decorated rooms. Perhaps, after such a spectacle, you realize that spending your life on travel is the best of ideas for today!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow