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How to teach a child to keep the order in the house

Cleaning as an exciting activity

The process of cleaning the apartment or house is endless, it requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is so important that all family members are involved. Feasible work can be found for everyone, and even the smallest fidgets can make their own contribution to the common cause.

In order not to become a slave of routine affairs, the young mother should teach the baby to keep the order in the house from the moment when he begins to consciously fulfill the first requests of the parents. Getting started is never too early. If the child can already give to lazy father a remote control from the TV, then he is able to carry the toy in the box.

The baby should be taught to keep the order from the moment he begins to consciously execute requests

The baby should be taught to keep the order from the moment he begins to consciously execute requests, photo WEB

Cleaning with a child seems to be troublesome and unproductive, especially in the conditions of lack of time. Of course, it is much easier to do everything on your own, but it is much more far-sighted to devote time to a child while he is still very young and finds pleasure in working with his mother in good conscience. Kids of up to four years differ from adults in their ability to find interest in completely ordinary affairs, and it is simply impossible not to take advantage of this!

A two-year-old child can easily take plates and spoons to the sink, wipe the table dry after dinner, collect paper wrappers around the apartment and throw them into the bucket, fold the toys into the box and bring mom a broom or a rag. Becoming older, the crumb with pleasure will wash the unbreakable dishes, make their bed, rub the dust and proudly climb with a wet cloth into the far corner, where adult is hard to reach. Five-year-olds can sort the laundry, and if the mother finds time and draws an algorithm for turning on the washing machine, the child will be in a real delight by pressing the buttons one after the other and activating the desired program. This is a real quest!

Five-year-olds can be taught to run a washing machine.

Five-year-olds can be taught to run a washing machine, photo WEB

However, inventing how to make cleaning more interestingfor children, do not turn it into a game. After all, as soon as it ceases to be such, it is necessary to look for a new way to attract attention to it. It is better to immediately explain to the child that domestic chores are not entertainment, but work, which, however, can be enjoyable and exciting. Music will be a great help. Turn on dynamic tracks to cheer up, or put an audio-tale, and things will go more fun.

But no matter how hard you try, cleaning the house for children is not an attractive, so never forget about rewards. If the child has cleaned up the room before bedtime, be sure to thank him and praise him for his responsibility and accuracy. These are “adult” qualities that are very pleasant to try on for every baby. After global cleaning, be sure to arrange a joint rest. Delicious tea with buns and favorite movie will become a stimulus for the child. This approach will allow the little person to feel very important and involved in a common cause on an equal basis with adults.

After cleaning it is important to arrange joint rest.

After cleaning it is important to arrange joint rest, photo WEB

Alas, in spite of all the efforts of parents, the grown-up children like to clean the apartment less, because the virtual world of the Internet and real entertainment are much more interesting. In search of a solution on how to motivate a child for cleaning, many mothers make annoying mistakes, among which the most common is material incentives. Once and for all, give up such a temptation, otherwise you can forget about conscious acts based on mutual respect and principles of mutual aid.

Another problem is the lack of compliance, which parents often take for disobedience. Recalling for the hundredth time about cleaning, do not rush to make trouble, because even three or four tasks for children are like sessions. Better teach your child to systematize tasks. Write a to-do list and hang it in the morning in the fridge. By crossing out the completed items, your restless child will see the dynamics and understand how many things are left. By the way, it is useful to write such a list for yourself and hang it next to the child's. So the child will see that everyone has work, and the approach to everyone in the family is the same.

The to-do list for the child will help him not to forget

The to-do list for the child will help him not to forget, photo WEB

However, thinking about how to teach children to clean, remember that cleanliness is there, where is no litter. Teach your child to love the order and explain why it is so important. The argument “I said so!” does not work for long, because for a little restless person, and even an adult, is easier to start work, understanding its importance and purpose.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow