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Fisheries Day 2018

Fisheries Day 2018

The roots of the official holiday's history should be looked in 1984. At the International Conference gathered on the issues of regulation and development of fishing, the question was raised about the need to establish a professional holiday of anglers. The initiative was supported, and the first World Fisheries Day was celebrated the following year, on June 27.

Everyone who appreciated the beauty of fishing, will never give up his favorite hobby. Waiting for the clove, unity with nature and indescribable joy rising from the depths of the soul after a "slap!" of the caught fish into a bucket - these feelings are not replaced by a true fisherman.

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on June 27

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on June 27, photo WEB

You can meet an inveterate fisherman at any time of the year - rain, frost or gentle summer morning, the hunched figure on the shore is an example of endurance and tranquility. Those who can afford, go further and take whole tours to the islands, where blue-marlins and flying fish are caught from the side of the white yacht.

Today, fishing has taken shape of a real sport. Competitions in fishing are organized both locally and internationally in a variety of ways - fly fishing, spinning from a boat or from the shore and so on. In Russia, even operates the Federation of Fishing Sport, part of the International Confederation.

The Federation of Fishing Sport operates in Russia

The Federation of Fishing Sport operates in Russia, photo WEB

Fishing is a whole art, the secrets of which are passed between generations and are not disclosed to "competitors". Today, it unites thousands of people around the world who celebrate the Fishing Day on June 27 with unprecedented enthusiasm.

Surprisingly, even women join this army! This holiday is traditionally timed a lot of competitions in fishing in various parts of the world. However, if you take a good look at its name, it suddenly becomes clear that it does not have a relationship with a fisherman with a fishing rod.

Women also like fishing

Women also like fishing, photo WEB

Fishery is called fishing on an industrial scale, and therefore this holiday can be considered professional by those who are engaged in this industry. Employees of fish-breeding enterprises, fish inspection, seamen, catching fish in tons, today, on the World Fisheries Day of 2018, deservedly can take a glass of wine for their work.

Fishery is the oldest type of economic activity of man. Along with gathering and hunting, fishing fed humanity even before the first signs of civilization appeared. However, modern outlines fishery acquired later, when a harpoon was invented. It became easier to catch fish, the catch volumes began to grow, and over time, in countries with access to the sea and large rivers, it began to take the form of fishing. The impetus to its further development was the emergence of trade, and today fishing is of an industrial scale.

Industrial fishing

Industrial fishing, photo WEB

People catch fish not only for food, but also for obtaining fish oil. The most important objects for catching are herring, cod, salmon, sturgeon and carp. Today, the volume of the catch has become so great that it threatens the very existence of some species of fish and urgently requires regulation at state levels. Thus, while maintaining the current harvest intensity, a full degradation of commercial fishing is predicted in 30 years.

As for a hobby, it is called fishing. Fans of sitting on the beach in anticipation of a bite and athletes also have their own holiday, and wait for him only a week and a half. In Russia, the Fisherman's Day is almost 40 years old, since 1980, celebrated on July 8. On this day anyone who has at least once held a fishing rod can proudly boast of an unprecedented catch in the circle of like-minded people. However, among fishermen there is an opinion that the longer the hands of the narrator, the less faith in his words.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow