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Mother Earth Day 2018

Mother Earth Day 2018

There are more than 250 states in the world that divided the planet by their borders along and across. Some flourish, in others people live below the poverty line. In some industries, the sky is in smokes of harmful emissions, in others citizens prefer a bicycle to a car ... Meanwhile, mankind has forgotten that the planet Earth is a common home for all people and everything in it is interrelated.

This is called for Mother Earth Day, which will be celebrated on April 22 around the world for the eighth time. Despite the consonance of the name, do not confuse it with the Earth Day, which took place just a month ago, on March 20. Pursuing similar goals, both dates are united by the desire to preserve peace and biological balance on the planet, but the history of each differs.

Both dates are united by the desire to preserve biological balance on the planet

 Both dates are united by the desire to preserve biological balance on the planet, photo WEB

The history of Mother Earth Day dates back to the 1970s when American politician Gaylord Nelson assembled a team of students to organize festive events dedicated to our planet. Despite the lack of experience, resources and time for the young people's qualitative preparation, the demonstrations were held with an unexpected scale, which confirmed the humanity's indifference to the global environmental problems of our common home. Since then, many states have taken the initiative and the holding of such events has become regular.

In 1992, at the next UN Conference, convened to discuss the environmental problems of the planet, a declaration on the environment was signed. According to it, humanity must recognize its duty to exist in harmony with nature and not to harm it by any of its activities. This concept formed the basis for Mother Earth Day, which was established in 2009 at the regular session of the UN General Assembly.

Senator Gaylord Nelson and Rodney L. Swink, FASLA

Senator Gaylord Nelson and Rodney L. Swink, FASLA, photo ©

The main message of the approaching holiday is to remind people about the need to commit themselves to the future of our planet. Thus, the main task facing humanity is to maintain a stable balance between the social, economic and environmental needs of the modern generation, which can only be ensured in harmony with nature.

In ancient times, the Earth was called the Mother, and her gifts were valued, protected and sought in them for healing power. Today, human being has become too self-confident and has forgotten that he owes our very existence to our green planet. Mother Earth Day is another reason to recall this. Promotion of the initiative is done by the non-governmental organization Network "Earth Day".

Flashmob "Earth, I Love You!"

Flashmob "Earth, I Love You!", photo ©

More than 50 thousand of its partners from 200 countries conduct many activities for this holiday, the main task of which is environmental education. Every inhabitant of the planet must understand the scale and consequences of environmental problems in order to consciously stand up for the protection of the environment. Only this approach will encourage people to take responsible actions in favor of healthy ecology and environmentally friendly technologies.

Therefore, on the World Mother Earth Day 2018 in dozens of countries around the world hold thematic and eco events. Their themes are different every year: "Trees for the planet", "Literacy in ecology and climate", "It's time to take the initiative in our own hands" and so on.

Надо осознанно встать на защиту окружающей среды

It is necessary to consciously stand up for the protection of the environment, photo WEB

Depending on the place, the scale of events differs from world scientific conferences to the planting of young trees by schoolchildren in the nearest park. But the main thing is that on this day every year more and more people honor the greatness of a space ship bearing a valuable load of life for thousands years through the gloom and cold of the Universe. And its name is Mother Earth.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow