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EICMA 2018 - magic and ecology

EICMA 2018 - magic and ecology

Every year in November, motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Milan. It hosts the world's largest trade fair for this sector, EICMA. More than 700 thousand people visited it last year. This year the record is likely to be broken. More than 1200 companies from all over the world participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition opens its doors on Thursday, but already two days before that, the press and experts could watch the exhibition. The official opening of the exhibition took place these days, and various manufacturers present their new products precisely these days.

The official opening of the EICMA-2018

The official opening of the EICMA-2018, photo © Evgeny Utkin

There were less people, only professionals, less shows and noise, there were no open air shows, fewer girls on the stands. Of course, you cannot do without beautiful girls at the motorcycle exhibition, but the difference between the professional day and the days open to the public is striking. People almost don't take pictures with girls, more often they are asked to get off the motorcycle in order to try it out or look at it better.

Politicians, local administration, and, of course, motor sports champions always gather for inauguration. At this time, were gathered a dozen champions - from the Italian legend Giacomo Agostini (15 world titles, no one has yet managed to get closer to such a record) to the current MotoGP champion Mark Márquez. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte didn’t come, but the head of his administration, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and the president of the Italian industrialists union at Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia arrived.

More than 1,200 companies from all over the world are participating in EICMA-2018.

More than 1,200 companies from all over the world are participating in EICMA-2018, photo © Evgeny Utkin

They said that this sector is not experiencing a crisis, on the contrary, it shows steady growth. In the first 10 months of this year in Italy, it was + 6% compared with last year, and in October - even 18%. The total number of registered motorcycles and scooters from January to October exceeded 220 thousand, and the forecast for 2018 is more than 237 thousand registered vehicles (+ 12 thousand compared to 2017).

Manufacturers of electric scooters are also satisfied: in 2017, 35,000 units were sold in Europe, and in Italy - 2,500 units, which is 7.2% of the European market. In 2017, a sales record of electric bicycles was set: 148 thousand were sold in Europe, which is 21% more than in 2016. In addition, their production in Italy increased by 48% last year, from 23,600 units in 2016 to 35,000 in 2017. As the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala noted in his speech, in Milan “25 years ago there were 70 cars per 100 inhabitants, now this figure has decreased to 51. And there is still a reduction potential”. It only means that the city is monitoring the environmental situation, it has become cleaner, and public transport has improved.

Motosector in Italy shows steady growth

Motosector in Italy shows steady growth, photo © Evgeny Utkin

Electric scooters and bicycles are gaining more and more space from traditional motorcycles, such as Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha. More and more manufacturers are exhibiting electric vehicles. At the stand of SYM, besides traditional motorcycles, a mini-scooter was presented. UJET also introduced its ultra-light folding electric scooter - all made of titanium and carbon. In addition to modern design, this scooter has everything you need: navigator and camera connected to the Internet.

SYM mini scooter (left) and folding UJET electric scooter

SYM mini scooter (left) and folding UJET electric scooter, photo © Evgeny Utkin

As President of EICMA, Andrea Dell'Orto, said at the opening of the exhibition: "Welcome to the world's largest hangar of passion, welcome home". And already the inauguration itself, except for the important speeches of officials, was filled with miracles. First, the bicycle magician Vittorio Brumotti showed several tricks, jumping on a bicycle over the leading showgirl Vanessa Incontrada, then the master of fast dressing Arturo Brachetti reincarnated into various characters from around the world in a few minutes, changing from one suit to another literally in a second or two.

Evgeny Utkin (left) and Vittorio Brumotti (right)

Evgeny Utkin (left) and Vittorio Brumotti (right), photo © Evgeny Utkin

Show must go on! Already from Thursday and Sunday to the shows at the stands will be added an open-air show, at the training ground, and many festivals in Milan itself.

Evgeny Utkin, Ro Fiera, Milan, Italy