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Fashion: spring―summer 2017

Main trends of women’s fashion: spring―summer 2017

The fashion experiences a come-back of the extraordinary and partly grotesque 1980s. This period is considered to be the most tasteless and weird. However, modern rethinking of wild solutions from the late 20th century brought some really cool clothing variants to life.

In order to keep up with the upcoming trends, you have to discard excessive modesty. In other words, you’ll have to disrobe a bit. Giant low-necks on dresses and deep décolletage will be in fashion, as well as ― of course ― the shortest of mini-skirts. So, it’s time to recall how our mothers and grandmothers used to dress in that epoch; time to marvel at old photos and select the corresponding attires.

Agnona, Bottega Veneta, Mugler

Agnona, Bottega Veneta, Mugler, foto WEB

Suits. No, taking office suits away from boyfriends or brothers will not be required. The future fashion isn’t about them at all. No classic variants are admitted.

Max Mara, Hermes, Elie Saab

 Max Mara, Hermes, Elie Saab, foto WEB

One-piece garments. They are coming back to fashion. This time, there is only one particular requirement ― a zipper should be on the front. Anything else is not important.

Alberta Ferretti, Dolce&Gabbana, Chloe

Transparent dresses. Especially, the white ones. Especially, without underwear. A sexy and cooling attire.

Balmain, Etro

Balmain, Etro, foto WEB

Wild stripes. Have you ever dreamed of looking like a paint-stained tiger? Now you’ll have the opportunity. Vibrant stripes of varying breadth are trending. At that, the more contrasting the color combinations are the better.

Dolce&Gabbana, Naeem Khan, Michael Kors

Flowery prints. You can take dresses, blouses and other dot-printed clothes out of your wardrobe. Traditional variants only, nothing novel here.

Anastasia Angerer, Moscow, Russia