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«Пластиковая» мода

"Plastic" fashion

Until recently, the quality of clothing was largely determined by the naturalness of its composition. Natural silk, wool and cotton looked contemptuously at their synthetic colleagues, who did not differ in comfort. It's banal, but progress does not stand still, and today artificial fibers confidently win their place in the fashion industry.

The inclusion of synthetics in the fabric improves its durability, ensures the shape of the finished product and gives it additional quality characteristics (elasticity, moisture, air permeability, etc.). But these facts are difficult for anyone to surprise. And what about clothes made of ... plastic bottles? Do not rush to reject the idea, because the use of synthetics in clothes also once seemed something incredible.

The inclusion of synthetics in the fabric structure improves its wear resistance

The inclusion of synthetics in the fabric structure improves its wear resistance, photo WEB

Paco Rabanne first talked about the use of plastic household waste in the production of clothing back in the late 90s. And after a couple of years, in different fashion collection clothes began to appear from recycled plastic. Many clothing manufacturers have joined to the fashionable eco-movement today, which are not indifferent to the state of the planet's ecology and the cleanliness of the environment.

It's sad, but according to experts, the amount of plastic waste in the world's oceans is already so great that it threatened the life of marine inhabitants. And the situation does not aspire to change for the better.

Dresses from plastic

Dresses from plastic, photo WEB

This fact did not give rest to Danehy's brother and sister, who spent their childhood surfing in the small town of Fair Harbor. Local residents move here only on bicycles, and therefore young people, inspired by this example, quite early began to think about the problems of ecology. The result of these long reflections was the line of men's beach shorts made from recycled plastic bottles.

Surprisingly, the fabric obtained from plastic proved to be not only strong, but also soft, and a special technology for producing seams excludes rubbing the skin when moving. Ready-made shorts are bright, stylish, comfortable to wear, quickly dry and do not change shape and color after washing. On one pair goes 11 two-liter bottles, which are crushed, heated and connected with cotton and spandex.

The fabric obtained from plastic proved to be not only strong, but also soft

The fabric obtained from plastic proved to be not only strong, but also soft, photo WEB

Funds for the development of production were found with a crowd-hosting company help, which helped to collect 25 thousand dollars, instead of the required 11. Today the brand Fair Harbor produces not only shorts, but also stylish T-shirts, bags and caps, which, judging by the reviews on the web, are very popular among lovers of water sports and beach recreation.

The Danehy family is not first who use PET bottles in the production of sportswear. Since 2009, Adidas has been producing a whole eco-friendly line of sports textiles, and in 2012 the company has dressed 70,000 Olympiad volunteers in an eco-polyester uniform. Nike do not lag behind, the production of football uniforms annually uses 13 million recycled bottles.

The Danehy family is not first who use PET bottles in the production of sportswear

The Danehy family is not first who use PET bottles in the production of sportswear, photo WEB

"Plastic" wave swept over into the world of high fashion and in its most primordial form. Spring-summer Collections 2018 of Chanel, Kenzo, Valentino and other fashion houses are full of bright colors of transparent boots, raincoats, backpacks and plastic bags. What is represented on the podium today, after a while, will necessarily migrate to the mass market, but is this fashionable tendency capable of solving the problem of ocean pollution? Hardly ... Undoubtedly only one - in such a struggle all means are good!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow

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