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Mercedes Sprinter Bluebird

"Sunny" house on wheels 

Those people, who has the spirit of adventurism, seldom sit at one place. At the first opportunity, they seek to change the situation and see something new, and the bravest make an adventure a lifestyle. So did the spouses Andre and Marissa, who once preferred life an endless journey.

The days of inveterate adventurers are never the same. Landscapes outside the window are replacing each other, and it is impossible to imagine what awaits an unusual couple on the road. The lifestyle of travelers is special, and to match it, they have a unique car that has been laboriously exhausting the kilometer for a kilometer for the second year already.

The days of Andre and Marissa are never the same

The days of Andre and Marissa are never the same, photo © joyfulvans

Ordinary Mercedes Sprinter, descended from the assembly line in 2017, was no different from hundreds of others, until it fell into the hands of Andre and Marissa. The pair modernized it, turning it into a real house on wheels, in which there is everything you need for long and comfortable travel.

The house is equipped with a pair of solar panels, therefore it does not need to be fed from the mains. The generator produces energy, which is quite enough for the modest household needs of adventurers. In order to save electricity, the couple uses LED lamps and other useful things, like curtains with a heater (like in winter jackets) that keep the heat inside the van. Also the car is equipped with a programmable heater, thanks to which the "residence" warms up precisely then the owners returning from a ski trip in the winter.

The house on wheels has everything necessary for life

The house on wheels has everything necessary for life, photo © joyfulvans

The house on wheels Mercedes Sprinter, being the true friend and assistant of the couple on travel, got even a proper name - Bluebird. Inside, the Mercedes Sprinter Bluebird has everything that can come in handy in the long journey. There is a mini-kitchen with gas stove and fridge, toilet, plenty of shelves and storage boxes and a large bed for a good rest.

In the dining area, the seats of the car can be unwrapped as you like or even folded, releasing additional space. Treated wood and ceramic mosaic, which decorate the walls of the van from the inside, create a special atmosphere and cosiness of the mobile home. A flickering light-emitting diodes change it color and set the mood.

Mercedes Sprinter Bluebird оснащен мини-кухней

Mercedes Sprinter Bluebird оснащен мини-кухней, фото © joyfulvans

Stopping in picturesque places, the couple prefers to get acquainted with the surroundings actively, moving on skis, kayaks and bicycles. All the uniforms couple always carry with them in a roomy storage under the bed. It seems improbable that all this is placed in a "garage" of 1 meter high, but travelers joke that it is enough to have a small experience of playing Tetris, so that you can comfortably place everything you need.

However, today the "sunny" house on the wheels Mercedes Benz Sprinter is for sale - the owners are ready to give Bluebird "in good hands" for $ 108 thousand. Andre and Marissa are not at all eager to settle down in a quiet corner of Utah; on the contrary, they are preparing a new project and are looking forward to start upgrading the next car. It seems that the most interesting thing is just beginning!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow