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10 myths about skin care

10 myths about skin care

The range of cosmetics for skin care is striking variety. Shining bottles and tubes are beckoning and frightening at the same time. Which one to choose? How to use? Who, after all, to believe? Do not panic. Let us examine the common myths about skin care and find out how to avoid annoying mistakes in this process.

Cosmetologists claim: three whales of healthy skin are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, plus food. And it “works” exclusively in the complex and in the long term. Alas, the abundance of advertising and "authoritative" opinions mislead pretty ladies. And the first of them: good cosmetics are definitely expensive.

Or vice versa - once expensive, it means good. Of course, branded products are certified, but may simply not be suitable for a specific skin type. And washing with chamomile decoction has not harmed anyone. In addition, good skin care products can be found even in the low price segment, and in average it can be easily done.

Good skin care products can be found in any price range

Good skin care products can be found in any price range, photo WEB

The second myth: anti-aging care is required after 35 years. Alas, in our environment, anti-age care is sometimes required after the age of 25. But, on the other hand, many lucky women have a good heredity, or even in their youth they began active prevention of skin aging, and they will need special complexes later. Therefore, the solution to the dilemma is to consult a cosmetologist and determine the real needs of your own skin.

Third myth: SPF-filter in the cream is a fashionable "chip". In extreme cases, we will think about it in the summer ... Unfortunately, putting the sun protection away for later, today you expose your skin to real UV exposure - perhaps the main enemy of its youth and elasticity. The sun has no lunch break, it is active all year round. Therefore, in order not to become a wrinkled old woman in pigmented spots, even in winter, choose products with SPF protection 15.

A cosmetologist's consultation will help you choose the right skin care.

A cosmetologist's consultation will help you choose the right skin care, photo WEB

Further, in the charts, cosmetics marked as organic and the following myth: organic cosmetics are more beneficial than usual. Panic from silicones and surfactants in the composition and awe of plant extracts - one-sided approach in the choice of cosmetics. “Harmful” is not always harmful, and therefore it is important to understand “who is who”.

High-quality skin cleansing under modern conditions is impossible without surfactants, and silicones are artificial oils, which are cleaner, active, hypoallergenic and non-aggressive. But all-natural cosmetics are often allergic, deteriorate and oxidize faster. We conclude: the correct balance of natural and synthetic is important part of the product.

It is also necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation in winter

It is also necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation in winter, photo WEB

The fifth myth: day cream is enough. Yes, if you are 15 years old and you live in an ecologically clean region. In other cases, the kit "day + night + around the eyes" is required. Night cream more dense, nutritious. Day - light, with protection filters. At night, retinol is often present, which is useful for the skin, but can cause burns in the sun. In the day there are not enough nutrients, but more moisturizers. Those who have problems in this zone never argue about the benefits of the cream around the eyes. Therefore, we will take their word for it and will not try our luck.

The sixth myth: frequent peeling is a rescue for problem skin. Not. The cause of acne and other rashes are inside, most often - in the imbalance of hormones. Peeling, of course, is useful: for oily skin - no more than twice a week, for dry skin - no more than one. Otherwise, the skin becomes thinner and with the purpose of protection it produces even more sebum, and at the same time peels off. 

Peeling of the face is useful in reasonable limits.

Peeling of the face is useful in reasonable limits, photo WEB

Facial massage - a pleasant procedure, but useless. Another misconception! A course of quality massage is the best gift for the skin at any time of the year. It improves blood circulation, supports turgor, has a rejuvenating and lifting effects ... Be sure to indulge yourself!

The eighth myth (naive): baby cosmetics is better. It is hypoallergenic, does not contain "superfluous". However, it is precisely this superfluous that is necessary for adult skin, it does not suffice with age. In addition, the PH of children's and adult skin differ, because the use of baby cosmetics in the long term disrupt this delicate balance.

Movement pattern for facial massage

Movement pattern for facial massage, photo WEB

The ninth misconception: oily skin should be dried. Quite the contrary - it needs as much as the other one, both nutrition and moisture. Funds with alcohol only exacerbate the problem and, contrary to popular belief, do not naturally narrow wide pores.

And finally, myth number ten: quality care is the key to healthy skin. This is only partly true. Proper nutrition, plenty of drinks, healthy sleep, good mood, avoiding bad habits and walking are no less important. Be healthy and beautiful!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow