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China launched a giant air filter

Dreaming to breathe in full

While the whole world is in a panic trying to reduce the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere and is looking for new ways of obtaining energy from alternative fuels, China has begun to solve the problem from two sides at once. In 2016, in one of the yards of Xian, a hundred-meter-high white tower grew up.

The cunning construction really is a filter that cleans the air within a radius of 45 meters. For now, it's too early to talk about the revolutionary nature of the concept, since the purifier's work is still in the test mode. Nevertheless, the residents of the city who live and work on the "experimental" territory, note that it really has become easier to breathe here.

The construction is a huge filter

The design is a huge filter, photo WEB

If the project justifies itself, then the Chinese will build a full-sized towerin the center of the city, the height will be 500 meters! However, the developers claim that the one hundred-meter active "prototype" is the largest in the world. For several months of operation, the tower produced approximately 10 million cubic meters of clean air into the atmosphere, the quality is fixed by ten sensors located around smog tower.

Air purifier with different design was already installed a little earlier in one of the parks of Beijing, the project was proposed by the Dutchman Daan Rosegaarde. This concept did not cause a special excitement, since it had a very modest size (only 7 meters), and it was powered by the city electric grid, which, in turn, receive energy from numerous coal-fired power plants. Today, they form the main volume of smog in China, and therefore this technology has not found wide application, despite the fact that it is able to clean 720 thousand cubes of air daily.

Daan Rosegaarde proposed an air cleaner with a different design

Daan Rosegaarde proposed an air cleaner with a different design, photo WEB

In general, the problem of atmospheric pollution in China is as acute as anywhere else. Just two years ago, a real ecological disaster erupted in the country - because of the stifling smog, almost two million people died here. In Beijing, for one cube of air, the concentration of harmful impurities was 300 micrograms. Nonsense? With a permissible 25 - a real tragedy! The country has sounded the alarm and by 2017 the state's energy complex has reduced the use of coal three times.

The air is very dirty in Beijing

The air is very dirty in Beijing, photo WEB

Xian - one of the largest megacities of China - today is one of the most polluted, and therefore the location of the experimental filter was chosen not accidentally. The filtration station works absolutely noiselessly and harmlessly. At the base of the tower there are greenhouses, in which air is sucked in. Heated by solar batteries, it rises upwards, where it naturally passes through many filters and leaves the structure clean and harmless. Purification takes place through a patented technology that allows to hold about 15% of ultrafine particles, as well as oxides of sulfur and nitrogen.

The smog tower has already cleared the air within a radius of 10 km

The smog tower has already cleared the air within a radius of 10 sq km, photo WEB   

If the project proves its effectiveness at the end of the test, then the considered concept can find application everywhere. Completely eco-friendly, low-cost construction has already lowered the concentration of harmful particles in the reporting area to an acceptable level, which means that the project will justify the hopes.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow