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32 Reasons to reconsider attitude to your Health

Interesting facts about health

We perceive health as something self-evident. The eyes look, the lungs breathe, the heart pumps blood and it does not even occur to us to encourage the body for a well-coordinated work. We eat and drink horrible, kill time at the computer, sleep for 4 hours ... In youth, it does not seem important, understanding comes only with age, when health begins to deteriorate. Why wait? Read thirty and one more fact that you probably did not know about your health.

7 facts about what strengthens health

People who have cats have less heart problemsPeople who have cats have less heart problems, foto WEB

7 facts about what provokes disease

People who work at unloved jobs are stressed from morning till nightPeople who work at unloved jobs are stressed from morning till night, foto WEB

7 facts about good health

Регулярное посещение сауны и бани предотвратит возникновение проблем с сердцемRegular visits to sauna and bath will prevent the occurrence of heart problems, foto WEB

Scientists have calculated that the natural reserve of our body is 210 years. We still do not spend half of the time. And this is a sad, 32nd and last fact about health for today.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow