SOS! Lack of vitamins!

SOS! Lack of vitamins!

Almost everyone can be diagnosed with vitamin deficiency today, and meanwhile, this condition is extremely dangerous. Digestive and nervous disorders, pathologies of the cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems, deterioration of the skin, hair, nails and teeth are only part of the consequences of a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Skin and hair are first to signal about vitamin deficiency. Dryness and dullness of the dermis, wrinkles and rashes on the face, coarsening of the skin on the elbows, sores and fissures on the lips eloquently hint that the skin needs nourishment. Creams  do not cope well with these conditions, and they do not solve the problem, but only mask its symptoms.

With a lack of vitamins, hair also suffers - they become dull, dry and brittle, split and thin. Dandruff, itching, and redness of the scalp can also indicate that it is time to diversify the diet.

Hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.

Hair becomes dull, dry and brittle, photo WEB

Louder than any words about vitamin deficiency speak the frequent “colds” and exacerbations of chronic diseases, because immunity is our protection against pathogens, and it is built on a foundation of vitamins and minerals. The sudden onset of allergies can also report a lack of nutrients.

The nervous system suffers with their shortage, which is manifested by constant fatigue, apathy, irritability and problems with sleep. Deterioration of vision and dry eyes, frequent fractures and sprains, loosening of teeth and bleeding of the gums - all these symptoms also accompany a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Frequent “colds” speak about vitamin deficiency

Frequent “colds” speak about vitamin deficiency, photo WEB

Today, vitamin deficiency is found in many, but special attention to this problem should be given to people at risk. Since the path of vitamins in the human body begins with the digestive tract, gastrointestinal diseases are the first reason to control their level. It is also worth checking once again for those who are actively involved in sports, experiencing constant physical or emotional stress, working in hazardous industries, suffering from endocrine system diseases or planning a pregnancy.

In the body, everything is interconnected, and with a lack of nutrients, biological and physical processes change at the cellular level, affecting all systems. Therefore, it is difficult to guess by the symptoms what exactly the body lacks, especially since the lack of one vitamin is a rare phenomenon caused not by the diet, but by pathologies that are not common.

Vitamin deficiency causes gastrointestinal diseases

Vitamin deficiency causes gastrointestinal diseases, photo WEB

Vitamin deficiencies of modern human, as a rule, are complex, due to the quality of nutrition, and the solution to this problem should also be systemic. It's time to remember - we are what we eat. Therefore, in order to maintain health, it is better to advance, without waiting for the doctor’s prescription to transfer to medical diet, it’s important to reconsider your attitude to food.

Today, even in February and March, the stores have apples, bananas and citrus fruits, cabbage of all kinds and leafy greens, not to mention ginger, avocado, berries and other, more expensive types of plant foods. They have plenty of vitamins necessary for the body, as well as minerals, which, among other things, are necessary for their assimilation.

Fruits and vegetables - natural sources of vitamins

Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of vitamins, photo WEB

In order to save money, berries and fruits can be purchased in season and frozen for the winter or grind with sugar without cooking. Many vegetables are also well stored raw until spring, and pickled, they, in addition, not only deliver a shock dose of nutrients to the body, but also normalize the intestinal microflora, improving their absorption efficiency.

In addition, dietary supplements can become a source of nutrients. Many are sure that they are poorly absorbed, but everything happens exactly the opposite - in tablets, vitamins are in a pure, and therefore, more accessible form. The main thing is to purchase drugs that you have no doubt about.

Supplements will help fill up the lack of nutrients

Supplements will help fill up the lack of nutrients, photo WEB

The symptoms described above are faithful companions of vitamin deficiencies, however, individually and in combination, they can be a manifestation of many different diseases. Therefore, do not self-medicate - if you notice suspicious conditions, sign up for a doctor. After all, health is too expensive to experiment with.

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