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World Whale and Dolphin Day 2018

World Whale and Dolphin Day 2018

Everyone know dolphins, because dolphinariums and oceanariums are not uncommon now. But in the wild, these graceful mammals are threatened with extinction, like their larger relatives - whales. In order to draw public attention to the problems of cetaceans, the World Whale and Dolpin Day is celebrated on July 23 for more than 30 years.

Dolphins are unique animals. Their brains are very similar to the human, but there are twice as many convolutions in it. The behavior of these mammals reveals their high intelligence, indicates sociality and consciousness. Dolphins are able to sympathize, act as caring parents and are able to communicate. The vocabulary of these animals is amazing - scientists claim that in the speech of dolphins there are several thousand sound signals! It is interesting that in the slow sleep of the hemisphere of their brain they sink one by one, therefore the dolphin is always awake.

Dolphins are unique animals

Dolphins are unique animals, фото WEB

Today, dolphins are used for pet therapy and rehabilitation of children with various developmental abnormalities. Particularly popular is the birth with dolphins, which, according to some experts, soothe the expectant mother, reduce pain and even contribute to the birth of genious children. So the popularity of dolphin-healers is increasing, and the number of them, kept in captivity, is growing every year ...

Whales, unlike their elegant relatives of dolphins, are rather clumsy, which is not surprising, given their truly gigantic dimensions. These are the largest creatures that ever inhabited our planet. The very name in translation from Greek "ketus" means "sea monster". However, even the "monster" suffer from the activities of people. Until recently, all organs of the captured whale found application in industry, cosmetology, cooking, medicine and other spheres.

Whales are the largest warm-blooded animals on our planet

Whales are the largest warm-blooded animals on our planet, photo WEB

From whale fat people make soap, glycerin, margarine and even washing powder, from sperm - lipstick and elite creams. A strong whalebone became part of corsets or furniture springs. The secrets of the gland are used in pharmacology, and the ambergris extracted from its intestine is used in perfumery. Whale meat is healthy and nutritious, it is used in fresh, salted and canned form. Hunting for whales has pushed many representatives of cetaceans to the brink of extinction, and therefore today some species are listed in the Red Book.

After centuries of thoughtless extermination, in 1986 the International Whaling Commission banned the whale fishery. In limited volumes, it is maintained only in Norway, Iceland and Japan, but, according to the governments of these states, exclusively for a scientific purpose. Also, some aboriginal peoples, honoring their traditions, continue to hunt whales.

Whale fishing is prohibited since 1986

Whale fishing is prohibited since 1986, photo WEB

The first steps towards the protection of cetaceans were made in the early 1930s. The accepted International Convention was supposed to optimize the catch of these mammals, but in the next 30 years the situation only worsened.

In the 46th year, the International Whaling Commission was established, which also failed to cope with the task until 1972, when the United States accepted the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The document prohibited the production of cetaceans and was supported by the UN. But only in the summer of 1986, under pressure from the public, the IWC took a moratorium on all commercial whaling.

Hunting for whales has led many representatives of cetaceans to the brink of extinction

Hunting for whales has led many representatives of cetaceans to the brink of extinction, photo WEB

Despite the existing ban, the life of whales and dolphins is still under threat. Their catch continues, and the worsening situation with the pollution of the ocean by oil and debris poses an additional danger. Today, on World Whale and Dolphin Day, everyone is able to help mammals. You can join volunteers, transfer funds to environmental organizations, or simply make a repost in a social network. In this struggle, all measures are good!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow