To get more done, invest more

To get more done, invest more

Igor Prudnikov - commercial director of the company LSC «Zhilkom Nedvizhimost’ (real estate)», co-owner of the company GcomVision LLC (USA), member of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, a business expert, the author of scientific and practical works, the developer of unique techniques in the field of consulting services for business. Born in Moscow. Graduated Moscow Academy of Economics and Law.

The post-crisis time, the protracted recession, the conditions of a slow economy - and, nevertheless, a Russian entrepreneur opens a company branch in United States. We will tell you how this became possible and what path the business leader needed to choose.

Igor Prudnikov opened a branch of his business in America

Igor Prudnikov opened a branch of his business in America, photo WEB

Igor Prudnikov began his career in 2010, without even having a complete higher education. Back then, he started as the head of the sales department at Alta Soft. Obviously, it was good soil for his main qualities to be fully manifested: enviable tenacity and passion for achieving goals. Transactions with major customers - STS Logistics, Siemens and Strabag - in a short time brought Igor into a new professional orbit: he was offered the position of chief accountant of the company.

The next goal was a good education and leveling skills and competencies at the academic level. In 2012, Prudnikov graduated with honors from the Moscow Academy of Economics and Law. The Bachelor`s and Master`s Degree in Business Management was an important achievement, but to get more done, you need to invest more. And Igor continued his studies with such masters as Jay Abraham, Jordan Belfort, Nil Rackham and others. Интим досуг для мужчин - это сайт с проститутками в Красноярске

Jay Abraham, business and marketing expert

Jay Abraham, business and marketing expert, фото WEB

Igor has opened up additional opportunities in building a personal brand. His methods and practices are noticed in the business community. There are proposals to act as a consultant in projects that need to be scaled or run from scratch. His original approach allowed many companies to reach a fundamentally new level in the fields of retail, real estate, repair, hot meals, IT, car service, fisheries, etc.

In Igor’s experience, there were no clients who would take the proposed set of measures, and then changed their minds halfway. Because the plan has always been realized. Nothing motivates as obvious results. But if it is clear with top management, then what about the linear staff? “Motivation of employees is a difficult, but interesting business. Every time I look for ways to convince a person that his professional achievements directly affect the success of the company and his personal wallet. When this pairing is found, the team can no longer be stopped". 

Игорь Прудников

Игорь Прудников, фото © Юрий Цой

In addition, teams begin to grow following the financial successes of their companies. Thanks to business consulting and the launch of new projects, Igor created more than one hundred jobs, making a significant contribution to the development of the consulting business in Russia.

In 2019, Prudnikov took up a new area of activity - real estate. Investing in this product is always stable, since real estate is one of the basic human needs. And this is a developing need: at different stages of life, a person needs different housing, at different stages of business, various commercial premises are needed. 

Недвижимость – новое направление Прудникова

Недвижимость – новое направление Прудникова, фото WEB

An active and at the same time steadily growing market is very attractive for investors. Here Igor is especially useful as he can calculate the potential and risks of real estate units (premise). “When an investor is going to invest millions of dollars, he, of course, needs clear business plan, payback calculation, optimization, and logistic schemes. “I like to solve even the most applied issues: which marketing technology to apply, which website to develop, what should be the digital strategy in promotion, how to use Internet aggregators.”

Productive experience in real estate led Igor to become a co-author in the book "Real Estate Investments: Theory and Practice." This study guide for Russian students appeared at the end of 2019. The book includes four chapters, two of which were written by Prudnikov. They are devoted to risk management and the formation of an assessment of the attractiveness of capital investment in real estate.

Студенты учатся по книге Игоря Прудникова

Студенты учатся по книге Игоря Прудникова, фото WEB

Geographically, the projects in which Igor Prudnikov takes part have long been not limited to any region, and now they are not limited to the country. Last year, Prudnikov became a co-owner of GcomVision LLC in the United States of America, while also retaining the position of Commercial Director of Housing Real Estate LLC in Russia.

What are the goals of a proactive leader for 2020? Now Igor is seriously working on a business plan to launch the American office of the company, he continues to develop unique trainings on business development and management. In personal goals - improving English language. A new book? Perhaps, but a little later.

Is there time left for myself and my family? “Surprisingly, now, yes. You need to learn how to prioritize correctly. “My family is one of the most important priorities, it gives me extra strength, helps me to be in good shape.”

Text translated by Vladislav Tishchenko

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