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JSC "KCHZ" celebrates its 40th anniversary

JSC "KCHZ" celebrates its 40th anniversary

The town-forming enterprise, one of the leading chemical plants in Russia, JSC Kotlas Chemical Plant, celebrates its 40th birthday in December 2018. To this anniversary, the plant managed to preserve the best practices of leading experts, increase the accumulated experience, introduce many innovations in the field of chemical production and look to the future with challenge.

The chemical industry is one of the most science-intensive, rapidly developing and cost-effective both in the whole world and in Russia. And now, for 40 years, JSC KCHZ has been proving its proud title of the industry leader with product quality and innovative solutions. The history of the plant begins in 1978, when in the north of the country, in the city of Koryazhma, an enterprise was built for the production of food varnishes, enamels and iron tubes for cosmetic creams of the Svoboda factory.

Today, after nearly half a century, the widest range of chemical products for the extraction and transportation of oil, as well as chemical additives for the construction, repair and maintenance of roads, are produced here. The company has been providing uninterrupted production of high-class products that meet the requirements of international standards for several years and has been successfully operating both in the domestic market and in Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, and has international relations with China, America and European countries.

"KCHZ" produces a wide range of chemical products

"KCHZ" produces a wide range of chemical products, photo WEB

The plant celebrated its 30th anniversary as a manufacturer of chemical products in three main areas, including chemical additives for bitumen. Production for road construction began in 2005, when the first batch of the adhesive additive AZOL1001 was released. This step largely determined the future fate of production and the vector of its development.

Already in 2011, with the aim of developing new types of chemical products and improving the existing recipes, an own road laboratory was organized in the Vladimir city. Today, its powerful scientific base and experience of leading experts allow to implement completely new, advanced ideas and create products that can compete with new products from world-famous manufacturers.

The construction of roads in Russia is fraught with many technological and economic difficulties caused by the peculiarities of weather conditions. So, five years ago, the road workers were forced to take on multimillion-dollar risks, performing contracts for laying asphalt in the snow. American chemists responded with lightning speed by delivering the “Evotherm” additive to Russia for temperature lowering of preparing and laying asphalt mixes. The cost of new additive was 1 million rubles per ton. The Americans hired the best road builders and at the regular exhibition “Doroga” advertised this additive.

The production for road construction began in 2005

The production for road construction began in 2005, photo WEB

At that time, at the neighboring stand, owned by JSC KCHZ, domestic products with similar characteristics were displayed at a price of ... 90 thousand rubles. Exactly this way, the additives AZOL1006 and AZOL1007 entered the Russian market in a noisy and resonant manner. And this is not the only example of successful import substitution.

Using the emulsifiers AZOL1016 and AZOL1021, the plant replaces imported products with domestic without deterioration in the quality of the emulsion. The company also produces completely new compositions that facilitate the work of road builders and improve the quality of the new pavement and repair of the old. For example, for the past ten years, JSC KCHZ has been supplying the AZOL8030 to the market, which allows to produce “cold asphalt”. It can be stored for a long time and transported in a cold state over long distances, it is suitable for emergency asphalt pit repair.

In the Komi Republic there is an asphalt road outside road network, i.e., not connected to the Komi road network. The implementation of this project was made possible only thanks to the chemical additives of the AZOL8030 Kotlas chemical plant.

JSC KCHZ presented the new AZOL1006 and AZOL1007 at the exhibition

JSC KCHZ presented the new AZOL1006 and AZOL1007 at the exhibition, photo WEB

The company's products have long been well known to consumers from near abroad. For example, with the use of AZOL1001 - the first adhesive additive created by JSC KCHZ - the Minsk Bypass and other Belarusian roads were built. The first successful experience has become a stable platform for further cooperation, and today Belarusian road builders annually purchase from the plant already improved additives AZOL1002, AZOL1003, AZOL1010 and AZOL1011.

Constantly modifying the formulas of the compositions, JSC KCHZ allows to bring the road construction to a new level and make it cheaper. So, before the last generation of additives was released to the market, the production of asphalt mixes was directly dependent on the supply of secondary fatty tar from the oil industry. But in the laboratory of the plant, this problem was solved. Now the road industry always has AZOL1010 to activate the mineral powder.

In the last decade, in addition to the production of chemical products for road construction, the plant also produces special equipment for its use. To date, more than two hundred pieces of equipment have been manufactured, successfully working on the construction of roads throughout the country and abroad.

Many roads of Belarus were built using AZOL1001

Many roads of Belarus were built using AZOL1001, photo WEB

For the survival of road "chemistry" today in its production are used raw materials with not the best quality. This causes certain technological problems, but the plant solves them and constantly reduces the raw material component of the finished product. The laboratory of the company annually participates in the exhibitions “Doroga”, continuously working on the creation of new additives. Today it is a cryogenic mill, ready at any time to begin production of polymer powders.

The leader does not fear the scale and difficulties. In the harsh market conditions, the organization of rational economic activity, the identification and use of production reserves, as well as the search for raw materials become priority tasks of the plant. “We have saved all the best that has been accumulated over the years, and we hope to use our strength and multiply the results”, said its management on the eve of the anniversary.

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