Marketing trends 2020

Marketing trends 2020

Traditional marketing is losing ground, and now marketers are offering more effective ways to promote products online and offline. Native advertising, affiliate programs, messengers ... What tools in 2020 will help shape a marketing strategy that can lead a business to the leaders of its segment? It's time to choose landmarks.

There are no universal methods of business development, and therefore any marketing trends should not be perceived as a panacea, but as a vector of possible progress. They should be integrated systematically into marketing system, checking and testing, finding a way out where competitors are still inactive.

Modern marketing offers effective ways of products promotion

Modern marketing offers effective ways of products promotion, photo WEB

However, choosing the most attractive ways of development, the main thing to remember is that modern marketing is not a point-to-point patch solution, but a set of measures aimed at “sowing” your brand into the heads of potential customers. In this context, customer focus comes to the fore, and this means that in 2020 the focus of the entrepreneur is not the sale, but the client - satisfied and ready to turn to the company's services again.

Among modern methods of attracting customers, affiliate programs stand out. This tool is not new, but in our reality takes on the most unexpected forms. You can collaborate with suppliers and contractors, journalists and bloggers, as well as with entrepreneurs who conduct related business. “Bring a friend - get a 50% discount” is the simplest example of affiliate marketing. But today it is becoming wider, covering thematic blogs, involving the media and the target audience of partners in the process.

One of the methods to attract customers is affiliate programs.

One of the methods to attract customers is affiliate programs, photo WEB

Another effective tool is native advertising. It acts like a 25th frame, gently seeping into the minds of the target audience. Unlike banner ads, the native is invisible, and therefore does not cause negative. The radio presenter accidentally announced what kind of coffee he was drinking in the morning ... In the film, a label with the name of the manufacturer was flashed on the hero's shirt ...

The video blogger said that at the exact restaurant today they served a particularly tasty steak ... Most likely, he ate the steak for free, in exchange for mentioning the restaurant on his channel. And by the way, on the other hand, this is also an example of affiliate marketing.

Нативная реклама « Pepsi» в фильме «Терминатор-2»

Native advertising  of Pepsi in the movie “Terminator 2”, photo ©

Another way to get others to advertise your business is to arouse genuine interest in your product, establishment or service. So that people themselves, for free and with enthusiasm, begin to talk about you. Such information on the Web is called UGC content, or user-generated, and it is based on the popularity of many modern “stars”, which fans are excited about.

So why not apply a similar strategy for business? UGC content does not need hype, an interesting “trick” will be enough. Originally designed place for a photo in a beauty salon, an unusual presentation of dishes in a restaurant, a flash mob organized through a social network ... Anything! If only it aroused people's interest and contributed to the increase in the number of mentions of the product on the Internet and just on the street. Remember, where does the right marketing sow the seeds of business? That's right - in the heads.

UGC content is a photo, video, and reviews of your customers on the Web

UGC content is a photo, video, and reviews of your customers on the Web, photo WEB

In general, a lot can be done with the others hands, but everyone who wants to quickly build up their client base will have to expand their online presence today. Facebook, TikTok or Instagram provide large-scale audience coverage and engagement. However, modern people are lazy and do not want to read more than one line, so advertising goes into the format of photos and videos.

Everything is clear with photos for a long time, but video content is now becoming especially interesting - use its capabilities to the maximum. Short videos about the product and topics of interest to the target audience attract new customers and retain existing ones. But it’s important to fill the channel moderately actively - users unsubscribe from overly spamming communities, as well as those whose content is boring and does not carry useful information.

Video content in social media is a great promotion option

Video content in social media is a great promotion option, photo WEB

Another interesting tool that will develop in 2020 is gaming. Get customers into the game! Earn points for activity on the channel, for advertising on your own pages, for invited friends, for answers to questions, and so on. Enter a system of rewards and ratings. Organize weekly competitions among subscribers ... People love to play, and even more like to win - give them this opportunity and skim the cream!


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