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Куда инвестировать в 2018 году

Where to invest in 2018 

Investing in the current economic situation requires only free funds (savings). To avoid risks and significant losses, you should not invest credit funds or "last savings".

It is important to distinguish between concepts of investment and saving. For example, buying dollars is not a full-fledged type of investment (taking into account the risk of currency value falling), but investing the purchased dollars in assets that will subsequently generate passive income - this is already an investment in long-term period.

Invest only free funds

Invest only free funds, photo WEB

The most popular and most reliable direction of investment isreal estate. Despite the short-term decline in the value of these assets, investment in this area is considered the most effective option, especially if we talk about the long term. Square meters will always be in price, albeit with a small dynamics of price fluctuations in the market.

At this point in time, the purchase of dollars or euros practically carries no risks. Since the dollar has been in a stable position for a long time in the stock market, financial analysts forecast a gradual increase in its value. This can be used by speculators and investors, but the profit from this transaction is not expected to be more than 10% of the investment, as the increase in the value of the dollar is predicted by professional dealers only by 8-12% (for investors).

The most popular area of investment is real estate

The most popular area of investment is real estate, photo WEB

In order for direct purchase of currency to bring real (passive) income in the future, it is better to invest the purchased dollars or euro in various assets, for example, US shares. This investment option eliminates the risks of reducing the value of a particular currency in the stock market. According to analysts' estimates, by the end of 2017, the average capital growth of practicing investors reached 21% per annum, with an annual dividend of 2%.

Investing in precious metals is popular not only in Russia. Particularly relevant investments in gold at the moment, because its value is inexorably growing. Silver is in less demand, as its value in the market is not stable. These investments can be particularly relevant for women, so to speak, combine business with pleasure.

The market is experiencing a palladium shortage

The market is experiencing a palladium shortage, photo WEB

As for palladium, according to analysts, this precious metal expects a positive trendin the second half of 2018: after all, the market is experiencing a palladium deficit, accordingly, its value will increase. Thus it will be possible to make good money on speculative actions.

Investments in mutual funds - investing in shares and bonds of various companies under the management of an experienced investor - a legal entity. If investors are satisfied with the average yield on the market, then there is no need to go deeper into the variety of shares, but simply invest in the index fund.

You need the help of an experienced investor in work with mutual funds

You need the help of an experienced investor in work with mutual funds, photo WEB

For the most profitable investments it is better to turn to a professional investor with a statement of goals and wishes. We remind you that broker requires the commission for his work, so it remains important to study stocks and bods market, paying attention to the dynamics of stable growth.

Anna Nersisyan, Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny