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BITEG has opened his doors to Russia

BITEG has opened his doors to Russia

The exhibition itself was held for the 19th time, a feature of this year was a large delegation from Russia and a chef from St. Petersburg. Many exhibitions devoted to food in Italy. This is Milan's "Tutto Food", and Turin's "Terra Madre Salone del Gusto", and many other smaller ones. There are also large exhibitions devoted to tourism, especially in Milan and Rimini. But this exhibition is unique in its kind, because it unites tourism with the art of delicious food.

To the exhibition were invited to about 50 tour operators from 18 countries, mainly tour operators and agents specializing in gastronomic tours, active rest, organizing weddings and other events, with a focus on food and wine. This time the emphasis was on Russians, there were about ten major travel agencies from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Exhibition BITEG was held for the 19th time

Exhibition BITEG was held for the 19th time, photo © Evgeny Utkin

They were met by about 100 Italian salesmen, guests could try wine and local food, see interesting places for tours and tastings. For example, you can dine at the famous brewery Menabrea, or visit the ancient Castle of Castellengo, whose owner - Alessandro Ciccioni - also produces fine wine Centovigne. And in the castle itself are rented several rooms, so that for several nights you can feel like a prince, the owner of the castle and the grounds around. And the castle itself and its halls can be used for conferences or solemn ceremonies.

Alessandro Ciccioni, the owner of Castle Castellengo

Alessandro Ciccioni, the owner of Castle Castellengo, photo © Evgeny Utkin

The exhibition itself was held at the old manufactory "Sella", which used to produce fine fabrics, mostly wool (now in Biella there are historical brands such as Zegna and Cerruti). When production ceased, the building bought out Sella Bank and built its offices, creative laboratories, and places for start-ups. That is, now the exhibition has been placed there, but it can successfully fit any international event for several hundred people.

Gala dinner was held in the sanctuary of Oropa on the Holy Mountain (il Sacro Monte di Oropa), in the restaurant Croce Bianca ("White Cross"), it was prepared by the invited chief from St. Petersburg, Dmitry Reshetnikov and the restaurant chef  Ivan Ramella. Of course, Reshetnikov cooked pancakes with smoked sturgeon and caviar, decorating them with food gold.

Dmitry Reshetnikov, Simona Rossotti, Evgeny Utkin (from left to right)

Dmitry Reshetnikov, Simona Rossotti, Evgeny Utkin (from left to right), photo © Evgeny Utkin

Since 2016, the competition for the organization of the exhibition was won by the company Olos, its head - Simona Rossotti shared with the results of the exhibition. "The exhibition was very successful, and foreign customers really liked the Piemonte area, with its peculiarities in food and wine. This time we focused on Russian clients, and they all did not go empty-handed. In addition to new useful links, some concluded preliminary agreements with Italian structures. B2B meetings were useful, visits to interesting places, seminars for participants on the possibility of funding structures. All were very pleased!". Simona Rossotti shared with us that the jubilee, the 20th exhibition, will become even larger and will be held in Turin.

Evgeny Utkin, Biella, Italy