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Traditional Oriental cuisine or what to eat in the UAE

Delicious like in paradise!

For whatever purpose you are lucky enough to visit the UAE, at least once you must be here to have a snack. And if the acquaintance with this country is not limited with the walls of the airport, then you will have an unforgettable trip to the world of insanely sweet, spicy and incredibly rich Eastern cuisine.

The UAE is the richest country in which everything seems to be possible. Including in relation to cooking. Here you can easily find a restaurant specializing in any cuisine of the world and, of course, taste a wide variety of national dishes. Strangely enough, the most authentic delicacies are easiest to find in street cafes.

The most authentic snacks are easiest to find in street cafes

The most authentic snacks are easiest to find in street cafes, photo WEB

The famous Dubai shawarma, here pieces of meat with vegetables and sauce wrapped in the finest lavash, is the most delicious in the world. Not less popular with the local population is manakish - a cake with hot cheese, olives and greens. For the quality of such fast food, no one should be afraid - the sanitary norms in the country are so rigid that you can drink even tap water here.

Manakish - a cake with hot cheese, olives and greens

Manakish - a cake with hot cheese, olives and greens, photo WEB

If you decide to sit down in some restaurant, regardless of its level, while the order is being prepared, you will be served a large tray with snacks called meze. These are small bowls full of vegetables, pastas from nuts, garlic and chickpeas, eggplant babaguanyush caviar, various cheeses and small pies. In a decent place, this aperitif is sent to the table by the guest at the expense of the reataurant. As well as side dishes, which are also often served to the main dish for free. Traditionally in the east as a garnish serve rice, beans and vegetables.

Meze - a great appetizer snack

Meze - a great appetizer snack, photo WEB

The first dishes here are not very popular, but meat and seafood in the UAE are prepared willingly and diversely. The only exception is pork, which you can taste here only in specialized restaurants. But from mutton, poultry, rabbit and bird a variety of dishes is preparedin the east. The most popular is shish kebab, in which one variety of meat is usually present on one skewer.

Traditionally, here it is fried without oil, on a hot-frying pan and with a lot of spices. For the latter, by the way, in the UAE you need to go to local markets and believe me, you will be struck by the depth of your soul with what you see. Turmeric, cinnamon, sesame, garlic, cloves, chili and many other spices are here in great honor. In Dubai, there is even a specialized market Spice Souk, from where you can bring as a present a piece of the real culinary Eden.

Spice Souk - specialized Market in Dubai

Spice Souk - specialized Market in Dubai, photo WEB

With equal pleasure locals eat fish in the Emirates, and a variety of seafood. In most decent establishments, your future dinner is still swimming in the aquariums, or, at least, lies on the ice window. You just have to point on the vending marine dweller and wait until it is cooked.

Fish is traditionally fried here on charcoal, and less often on the grill. Surprisingly tasty prepare crabs, shrimp, squid in the UAE, which are served with delicious sauces and cakes. If you want something special - order the briks. Fried envelopes from the finest dough with filling of seafood. Simply incredible yummy!

Briks - fried envelopes from the finest dough with a filling of seafood

Briks - fried envelopes from the finest dough with a filling of seafood, photo WEB

Dessert, perhaps, is really what you will not try anywhere else. Eastern sweets differ in naturalness, because they consist mainly of honey, nuts and dried fruits. Halva, baklava, lukum, puddings ... Sweets here are treated with special trepidation! Dates - one of the most favorite desserts, which is necessarily present in every home. It is eaten both clean and with nuts, honey or chocolate.

Eastern sweets consist mainly of honey, nuts and dried fruits

Eastern sweets consist mainly of honey, nuts and dried fruits, photo WEB

As for alcohol, here in free sale it can not be found. Unlike the hospitable Czech Republic, in the UAE, even a glass of beer can be drunk not in every hotel. In this country, they prefer another drink - strong coffee, which every self-respecting Arab drinks at least once a day.

Coffee houses here are found literally at every step, so if you are a coffee mug, then in the Emirates you will feel like in paradise. They drink tea here, only very sweet, almost like syrup. And people quench their thirst in this hot country with mineral water or fresh water.

Coffee houses in the UAE are found at every step

Coffee houses in the UAE are found at every step, photo WEB

Many tourists, returning from the UAE, say that they visited a real fairy tale filled with a unique oriental flavor

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow