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Ten reasons to start the morning with fruit salad

Fruit salads 

A plate of salad from juicy fruits, filled with dietary dressing, becomes a hearty dish and a real treasure trove of nutrients that are unlikely to be obtained from the usual diet. We offer ten strong arguments in favor of fruit salads. Start to bend your fingers!

First, it is the source of acid multitude that participate in cellular metabolism, contributing to the maintenance of youth and the acceleration of metabolism. Berries and fruits contain antioxidants that help remove harmful substances from the body, and vitamins that participate in all physiological processes and form the immune system.

Fruit salad is the source of many useful acids

Fruit salad is the source of many useful acids, фото WEB

Secondly, there is cellulose in fruits, without which healthy functioning of the intestine is impossible. It improves peristalsis, accelerates satiety and suppresses hunger, which immediately affects the grace of forms and eloquently reflects on the scales.

In fact, there is no doubt that fruit salad is useful. Starting with it in the morning, you get a portion of clean energy, more affordable than in sweets and cereal. In addition, the riot of colors in the plate and the process of salad preparation gives a good mood and set on a positive, which is especially important at the beginning of the working day. And this, if you did not notice, the third and fourth argument in favor of the fruit mix.

Riot of colors in a plate gives a good mood

Riot of colors in a plate gives a good mood, photo WEB

The fifth argument is the prevention of dehydration. Everyone knows that you need to drink a half liter of water a day, and in the summer the body's need for a liquid increases. Its shortage immediately affects all the processes in the body without exception and is clearly reflected, first of all, on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Coffee and tea do not solve the problem, but juicy fruit - easily.

Fruit salads will help overcome the craving for sweets due to the high content of fructose. And it, by the way, helps to "get involved" in the work, feeding the brain in the same way as glucose. A plate of lettuce one hour before training will give a charge of vivacity and increase endurance. And a couple of hours before bedtime, a salad of citrus fruits will provide tangible assistance to the intestines in the breakdown of fats. And that's six, seven and eight argument!

Juicy fruits are excellent prevention of dehydration

Juicy fruits are excellent prevention of dehydration, photo WEB

Ninth argument. Salad - it's convenient. A plate with whole fruits seems to be "unbearable", but in a chopped form it is eaten for one or two. And finally, ten: fruit salad - it's easy. Quickly cooked, with an appetite eaten, it leaves no heaviness in the stomach, gives ease and a sense of saturation. After a plate of fruit does not tend to sleep, but, on the contrary, appears will to live fully and energetically.

We can talk a lot about the benefits of fruit salad for breakfast, but the harm from such dish, eaten on an empty stomach, can be palpable. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to select the composition of products competently. The basis of the salad can make bananas, avocados, mangoes, pears - they are rich in carbohydrates and do not irritate the sleeping stomach.

It is important to choose the composition of fruits right

It is important to choose the composition of fruits right, photo WEB

In the morning it is better to refuse from citrus or add them in very small quantities. The same applies to sour berries. To avoid bloating, which may well respond to the intestine on a large number of fruits, the salad should be with apples. Saturate the body with useful fats can help linseed or olive oil, as well as crushed nuts of any kind and sesame seeds. Pieces of cheese or cottage cheese will become an excellent source of calcium, and a canteen greens - additional vitamins.

We can discuss for a long time about fruit salad. But this is the case when it is better to try once, than much to say. Begin with such a dish the morning, complete with it a hard working day. Dilute heavy everyday life with the juicy fruit mix, bringing in them a whole kaleidoscope of positive emotions and nutrients that will give lightness, energy and health.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow